There is no health system left in Gaza to speak of - says the UN SC

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The Secretary General of Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Chris Lockyear, has said that "there is no health system left in Gaza to speak of" and that "the humanitarian response in Gaza today is an illusion", as he spoke at the UN Security Council on Thursday.

has emphasized that it was "an illusion that perpetuates a narrative that this war is taking place in accordance with international law".

"There is no health system left in Gaza to speak of. The Israeli army has destroyed hospital after hospital. What is left is very little in the face of that destruction. It is absurd", he said.

"The rationale given is that the health facilities were used for military purposes, but we have not seen any independently verified evidence of this."

Lockyear has stated in the UNSC that when the hospital loses the status of being protected, any attack should be carried out based on precautionary measures, while maintaining international law. Instead, Lockyear has pointed out that in Gaza the medical system has been left completely dysfunctional.