Wilders praises Putin and announces a visit to Russia

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The leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) and the winner of yesterday's elections in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, wants to fight against "hysterical Russophobia" and in this regard has said that Russia is not an enemy.

He sees Russian President Vladimir Putin as an ally in the fight against terrorism and mass immigration from Africa. He plans to visit Russia next year to make it clear that "not everyone in the Netherlands is anti-Russian."

According to him, the Netherlands can learn a lot from the Russians in terms of patriotism.

Wilders condemned politicians who, according to him, are playing political games by planting false images of the enemy.

Last week, Dutch Interior Minister Kajsa Ollongren warned of Russia's efforts to influence public opinion in the Netherlands through fake news and internet 'memes'.

Wilders, whom "Politico" called "Europe's worst nightmare", says he wants to balance the "hysterical Russophobia that reigns here and there in the Netherlands".

The PVV leader also said that he understood the feeling of Russia "after the NATO encirclement".

"I am a big fan of NATO and the Americans, but here Russia is right," he said.

He believes that not everything Russia does is good, but he sees interests and similarities between Russia and the Netherlands.

Wilders' victory in the Dutch elections has shocked Europe. The far-right leader has made radical promises, such as banning the Koran.