Zelensky: Russia is preparing war in the Balkans

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, has called for greater attention to be paid to the Balkan region, which includes Kosovo, as according to him, there is information that Russia is planning to start a war to divert attention from Ukraine.

Russia can create new crises in the Balkans and Moldova in order to divert the world's attention from the war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian president said on Thursday during a conversation with journalists from Africa, "Novinite" writes.

"Today, everyone is discussing the crisis in the Middle East. But like I said before, frankly, it's not yesterday's problem. Everyone knows about this constant conflict and constant war, but no one wants to end it because it is convenient. "Behind the explosion in the Middle East is Russia, we are sure, with its ally Iran," he said.

"Watch out for the Balkans. Believe me, we are getting information: Russia has a long plan. The Middle East, then at least it will be the Balkans, if the countries of the world do nothing now. There will be another such explosion," said Zelensky.

According to him, Russia is interested in the help of Western countries going in many directions. 

"When you want to help one country or you start to distribute that help and attention to many countries, then there are many challenges, many humanitarian challenges. Now they have started to undermine the situation in Moldova to show that there is something wrong there during the elections. Declare unconstitutional elections. To topple the current government again. To topple the pro-European government," Zelensky said.

The president of the Serb ethnicity in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Milorad Dodik, has long been targeting and has declared secessionist plans that would lead to the destabilization of Bosnia and the entire region. His increasingly frequent trips to Moscow show that there is support for his policies. In addition to playing with the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Bosnia, Dodik recently also mentioned Montenegro.

"Serbs in this century should form a single state consisting of Serbia, Republika Srpska and Montenegro", said Dodik.

At the end of September, there was an armed attack in Banjska in Zveçan, in the northern part of Kosovo, where the policeman Afrim Bunjaku was killed. Kosovo authorities prevented the attack and confiscated an entire arsenal of weapons. Government officials have said that members of the Serbian paramilitary group that attacked in Banjska aimed to annex the north.