Sekiraqa vs. Country

"Oath of Justice" brings you the research on how Enver Sekiraqa, although he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for inciting the murder of the policeman Triumf Riza, was allowed to defend himself in freedom.

  • Why does the president of the Basic Court in Pristina claim that the decision not to send Sekiraqa to detention was taken only by the president of the trial panel, Agim Kuçi, without consulting the other two judges?
  • Why does the father of the murdered policeman call the decision not to detain Sekiraqa a scandalous decision?
  • Does the country know where Enver Sekiraqa is?
  • Why is there no final decision on the murder of policeman Triumf Riza?
  • Who is Enver Sekiraqa, described as the gangster of Prishtina?
  • What is the history of Sekiraqa with the murdered policeman Triumf Riza?