The bully judge

A 22-year-old woman, while practicing at the Basic Court in Gjilan, was harassed by a judge. The identity of the intern is known to the editors, but will not be made public in order to protect her.

This intern was assigned to complete her internship with the judge of the Serious Crimes Department, Veli Kryeziu, in July 2022.

From this judge she expected to gain the necessary knowledge she needed for professional development.

But instead of knowledge, she faced harassment.

Judge Veliu insisted that the intern meet with his son to consider a relationship between them.

For this purpose, he had also communicated in writing for messages on social networks.

In the communications provided by the "Oath of Justice", it is noted that for this purpose, judge Kryeziu tried to seduce the intern, even sending her photos of the bags and promising to buy them as a gift.

"Judge Veli Kryeizu: Shife, which color you like, I'll tell you as soon as possible

Tell me that just like that, I got one, you were showing the color, that for you it is pure leather

Trainee: No one is wrong

Judge Veli Kryeziu: Tell me, please

Trainee: No, no. They like it.

Judge Veli Kryeziu: Tell me, please

Trainee: No, no. They like it.

Judge Veli Kryziu: I'm quick

Trainee: I don't talk much

Judge Veli Kryeziu: He took someone. You were showing the color. I decided.

Trainee: No, thank you very much, nobody.

Judge Veli Kryeziu: He is speaking. Faster, which color. Talk.

Practitioner: No, no one, as long as there is peace.

Judge Veli Kryeziu: Please show me the position. If I decided in vain, tell me the color

Intern: None. That I accept. Ncuk. Thank you.

Judge Veli Kryeizu: Show the color of our shoes and don't take it.

Trainee: No, I don't see anyone, not even in the courts, so don't bother me."

Harassment of the judge, the intern warned the termination of the practice

In the wake of the refusals, the intern had warned Judge Kryeziu that she would no longer go to court for the continuation of the internship.

However, this fact was not a concern for Kryeziu.

"Judge Veli Kryeziu:... I never regret in my life and don't narrow your life down, I'm telling you. Or I'm taking it in different colors, not red. Klm. See you guys on Monday.
Trainee: Svi hiq ma.

Judge Veli Kryziu: Ok, don't come. Hahahah. See you in town hahaha. Why do you do this and narrow yourself down for no reason. Klm. I told you that you are special. And first of all, I praise God that you will be a princess in our family. Klm".

The attempt at persuasion through seduction was rejected by the trainee.

However, judge Kryeziu did not stop there, finding other ways to try to persuade her.

Days later he would write to her again, this time insisting that the intern meet his son and he meet her family.

"Judge Veli Kryeziu: ..Should I kiss you with Agja and your father, in relation to you and my son, to legalize the conversation, tell me that without your consent I can't talk. Please tell me what I asked.

Trainee: No judge, thank you, I'm not interested.

Judge Veli Kryeziu: Yes. Go out and talk. Even if you have the opportunity, come tomorrow for the case at 10 o'clock, I will hold the judgment for the feron. I believe that you are touched without reason, You know that I respect you and I respect you more than if you were my daughter before the great God. If you talk to the son, I talk to the parents and the priest. You blocked me on viber too. Film.

Trainee: Judge, I also have a lot of respect for you, and I know that you have my back, thank you, but there is no reason why I am not affected, I just came with a project, I passed it now, when there is another judge, I respect you, if you have the opportunity now don't mark me and good luck".

The intern asked to go to another judge, Kryeziu accused her of embarrassing her

In an attempt to prevent other situations, the 22-year-old intern was forced to apply to the administration for a change of judge for conducting the internship.

This action of hers was not welcomed by judge Kryeziu, who accused her of embarrassing him.
All these situations were happening in the institution and with the state official sworn to administer justice.

"Judge Veli Kryeziu: Don't write to me, did you understand? If you say go out and talk to Ali, he will call you and leave the rest aside, I know I touched you by the shoulders but I believe you misunderstood me, so anyway I don't write to you because I don't believe either I didn't abuse her in any way, but you embarrassed me in front of the administrator because she told me [you] don't love [me], do you know how to comment, you made me verbally [you] know, I begged you to come out and talk to Ali." .

Regarding this case, "Oath of Justice" has requested an interview from judge Veli Kryeziu, but he has not responded to any request. Even the victim of this harassment did not agree to be interviewed.

KJK confirmed the disciplinary violation of judge Kryeziu, reduced his salary for 6 months

Due to this harassment, the President of the Basic Court in Gjilan, Venhar Salihu, has initiated disciplinary proceedings against Judge Veli Kryeziu, for which the Judicial Council of Kosovo has confirmed the violations and imposed a disciplinary measure on Judge Kryeziu, with a salary deduction of 30% for 6 months.

This disciplinary procedure was initiated after more than 1 year since the harassment occurred.

But, until this case was sent and placed in the disciplinary procedure, there were various challenges, up to the accusations that there was an attempt to amnesty the judge Veli Kryeziu.

"Oath of Justice" has researched the course of proceedings of this case against Judge Kryeziu.

The former administrator of the Court in Gjilan claims that Kryeziu's case was tried to be closed

The intern harassed by judge Veli Kryeziu submitted her statement on October 13, 2022.

In this statement, the intern emphasizes that from July 1, 2022, she was assigned to judge Veli Kryeziu to follow the internship.

According to her, Kryeziu constantly behaved more than respectfully towards her.

But, based on the observation of the intern, Kryeziu had more than collegial intentions towards her, since all the time he expressed wishes for her to talk and go out with his son.

The intern said that Kryeziu had not received a positive response from her, but that Veliu did not stop with other behaviors such as invitations for lunch, food, etc., which the intern stated that she described as unnecessary.

The statement also describes the messages regarding Judge Kryeziu's offer to buy her bags and requests that the intern continue to stay in his office.

She says that because of these actions she felt ashamed, she felt fear and she was in a very difficult mental state.

This statement was submitted by the intern to the former administrator, Florina Jerliu. The latter had forwarded it to the president of the Basic Court in Gjilan, Venhar Salihu.

"I have appointed a judge Veli Kryeziu, sorry, about a month the same intern comes to my office and complains that she is not feeling safe staying in that office to judge Veli Kryeziu. I tell her what's the reason you don't want to stay, she offers me the photos that Veli Kryeziu sent her, three bags and tells her which bag she wants to buy, that's what the intern says she doesn't want to buy from me I do not need it. He tells her you are the princess of our village, you are more than my daughter.

When I saw that somehow I am not competent to be a judge, I took the intern and went to the mayor. The intern indirectly explained to the chairman that she can no longer express herself because she is of the male gender. Meanwhile, the intern went outside, I told them what happened to the intern and Veli Kryeziu. The same one, says change, I also said I am assigning this intern to a woman for the reason that she is not feeling safe and somehow she has given the statement in writing, says; there are instincts that I don't have, but I understand that he thinks differently about me", said Jerliu.

In an interview for "Oath of Justice", Jerliu tells her version of why she requested the statement from the intern.

"I also asked for the statement because that intern of mine sent messages on WhatsApp, communication with judge Veli Kryeziu. I also have it for legal obligation, because the administrator is competent for trainees. I asked for the statement, I handed it to the president of the court, the president of the court told me that he has the phone number of the same intern, I told him yes, I will give him the phone number and later the intern came to the office and gave it to me that the judge, the president Venhar Saliu, has requested from the same to withdraw the statement".

Three days after the statement made by the intern, on October 14, 2022, the president of the court dealt with her.
Salihu says that during the interview, the intern told him that she gave the statement under pressure from the former administrator.

"Well, without a doubt, my conviction was at that time, it is still now, and I have no other evidence, I invited the intern in question, I had no communication with her beforehand, I asked the legal officer in my office that is, I secured the number, he came, we told him the reason why, the minutes were kept, he informed us that he gave this statement under pressure from the administrator".

Audio-recording: The intern claimed that the presiding judge asked her to withdraw the statement about harassment from the judge

In an audio-recording made by the former administrator Jerliu, her intern that Mayor Salihu had forced her to withdraw the statement.

This audio-recording, according to the evidence deposited by Jerliu at the Prosecutor's Office, is dated January 13, 2023.

So, about three months after the statement was made.

This is the content of the intern's statement: "It started, I don't even know how to describe it, she said why did you make the statement after a month, it should be that day, she said now I have to take other steps, I said that's what they told me good, now you're telling me to pull it or I'm pulling it, you said, you're pulling it, because I see that we made a mistake, that I made a mistake, let the matter be closed, that's where they say, don't do big things, right? behind my back, I did. Even today, Velia went and told my cousins ​​about this case, she said that they suspended the administrator because of her, they think that I have not done anything, and she was suspended here. Yes, she told me on the phone, I was at home and he told me to come to the court, I came and went upstairs, I had to come, Rilindi was also there and he had to pull me, he said he made a mistake, I told him he made a mistake, he said it was hard, i You told me that I wanted to do it and I did it as you told me, I did it, now I don't know, I'm absolutely not to blame for anything, do you know, but he took me like that. Even that day you told him that you didn't protect me, you didn't even protect me. You don't even have me anymore, are you okay? Are you all feeling this way, each one in his own mind".

The President of the Court in Gjilan claims that he was blackmailed by the former administrator

However, the president of the court, Venhar Salihu, denies the accusations.

He says that this case was used by the former administrator Jerliu to blackmail him, at the time he had to evaluate Jerliu's performance.

"If we stop and analyze the dates and look at which stage this statement was taken, it is the date 13, 10, 2022, why did you connect the date 13.02, because Mrs. Jerliu has the exact date that within those few days two, three, five, that I will give an assessment for the same for her work as an administrator, and if we say the date, and we take the date of the other official, of Shkodran IT, that is, they are almost a day apart, that is. , on the 14th of the same month of October 2022, now on the 15th of October 2022, I have received a request from the Council respectively from the Commission to give me the assessment regarding the work of the administrator, even a day before, I am not sure one or two, the ex-administrator came to my office without a formal meeting, even in an attempt to mean intimidation or in the sense of extortion, she tells me "chairman, look at what you are writing, I have photos and videos for you", and my decision to work and I saved it by writing, I saw the way he said it, I gave it back, okay, publish that it has nothing to do with it, I had no doubt, no dilemma about what, when, who, present with me at that time was also the vice president of the court Selmon .., where I can prove this fact".

According to Salihu, the intern had constant pressure from the former administrator to present the statement.

Salihu: no, this is not true, I know very precisely and clearly the oil that she poured here and in addition to that, she told me on her phone that she once had about 12-13 calls, there were written sms , I don't remember on viber or whatsapp "Xxxx what happened with the statement, what happened, when are you doing it to me, I wrote the statement, that is, written by the administrator herself.

Because of these doubts, Mayor Salihu says that he decided to handle the case himself, inviting the intern.

Regarding the audio recording where the intern says that she was forced to withdraw the statement, Salihu says that the intern was conditioned by the former administrator.

"No, based on the administrator's statement, yes, but not from the evidence we have provided, where I submitted the same, where it is proven that she was accepted, of course she applied for YIHR, which organization do you have, how monitoring, even there from September 5, 2022, where we received the e-mail on September 2, 2022, it is worth mentioning another issue, that in 2023, we opened the competition for, for each intern and they competed somewhere 24 herself, and the administrator insists on reopening the competition, okay, she didn't screw it up, she reopened the competition, no, it's not that I have an intern, what happens there, the intern and the intern in the reopening, and after a week, the recording of the intern is made, which you have too, that is, if I'm not mistaken, the date was March 23, 2023, while they started work somewhere on March 13, 15 after a week".

Salihu says that the former administrator Jerliu again reported that there was a new harassment by judge Kryeziu against the intern, this time on April 7, 2023, about six months after the first report.

Even in this case, Salihu says that he did not find evidence.

"What happened, this again at the beginning of April, the intern in question, the administrator wrote to me in an e-mail that the judge in question went to the enforcement office where he made a problem with the intern in question, we interviewed the intern, what happened said he did not say a single word that he said what the harassment is, what the issue is, I have also closed this issue, but the moment I accepted the communications, then I started the disciplinary procedure against the judge in question".

This case would be handled for the third time by judge Salihu, this time on September 25, 2023.

In the request for the initiation of disciplinary investigations of Mayor Salihu against Judge Kryeziu, it is stated that the request for the initiation of disciplinary investigations is submitted because, unlike in previous cases, now Mayor Salihu has accepted the communications that were made by Judge Veliu and the intern.

After the collection of evidence, namely the communication between judge Veli Kryeziu and the intern, where these communications were absent in the two cases mentioned above, but these were attached to the submission dated 25.09.2023 by the Basic Prosecutor's Office in Prizren, then from this evidence we consider that there may be grounds for initiating disciplinary investigations.

Based on Article 12.2 in relation to Article 9.1, under point 1.1 of the Law on Disciplinary Responsibility of Judges and Prosecutors, the competent authority requests the Council to initiate investigations against judge Veli Kryeziu and to assess whether the communication between the judge and the aforementioned intern is in contrary to article 5 point 2, under point 2.15 of the LPDGJP and article 4 of the Code of Ethics for Judges and if the aforementioned communication was contrary to the legal provisions as above, then we propose that some measure be imposed on the same judge in Article 7.1 of the Law on Disciplinary Responsibility of Judges and Prosecutors.

In the ruling, it was stated that Judge Veli Kryeziu considered that the content of the intern's initial statement was written by former administrator Jerliu, but that he does not know the purpose of why.

Regarding the handling of this case, in the KGjK they say that "in this particular case, the Judicial Council has decided and now the decision is in the stage of the right to appeal to the Supreme Court and so far, we have not received any notification from the Supreme Court that it intends to decision has been appealed."

Meanwhile, the sources of the "Oath of Justice" inform that judge Veli Kryeziu has been sentenced to a disciplinary measure of a 30% salary reduction for 6 months.

This case was also handled by the Special Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Kosovo.

The former administrator of the Basic Court in Gjilan, Florina Jerliu, has filed a criminal complaint against the president of the Basic Court in Gjilan, Mr. Venhar Salihu.

Criminal charges have been filed for a number of criminal offenses such as threats, harassment, sexual harassment, obtaining statements by coercion, mistreatment during the exercise of official duties or public authorizations, misuse of official position or authority, etc.

This claim, raised in the criminal field, has been rejected by the PSRK.

Regarding all the claims of the former Administrator Jerliu, "Betimi per Drejësi" has researched for about six months, where the findings of this research will be broadcast in future shows.