The Ministry reacted to the first competition, but is not responsible for the second


Sources of the "Oath of Justice" at the university have shown that Nurtene Deva on March 21, 2024, sent to the members of the Governing Council the confirmation that she is not convicted in the form of a severe degree.

According to the document that "Oath of Justice" possesses, the certification was issued on March 5, 2024, i.e. after the end of the competition for rector.

Universities are the highest institutions of education, and the selection of a rector with a criminal offense damages the integrity of the university.

Although the "Oath of Justice" has continuously reported that the rector Nurtene Deva has a criminal offense, but in this case there was no reaction from the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation.

And to elect Deven, three Governing Councils of the University were changed.

At the end of last year, this University elected Merita Shala as rector. However, MEST and the Minister of Forestry Nagavci had reacted publicly regarding this process.

"Dear Chairman of the Governing Council, Based on the applicable legislation in Kosovo, including Law 04/L-37 on Higher Education, Law no. 05/L-031 on the general administrative procedure, the Statute of the University, the regulation on the work of the Governing Council at the University of Mitrovica, Law No. 08/L – 197 for Public Officials, the Law on the prevention of conflict of interest in the exercise of public functions and the Legal Opinion of the Department for the Management of Public Officials on the assessment of legality for the position: Rector of the University, the findings of MEST, the complaints of members individual member of the MESTI Governing Council as the review body of the holders of Higher Education: Requests from the KD as the main governing body of the University of Mitrovica "Isa Boletini" and at the same time the body issuing the decision on the appointment of the rector of the university:
1. To annul the decision of the KD, for the appointment of the rector of the university
2. To issue a new decision on the announcement (repetition) of the competition for rector of the university "Isa Boletini" in Mitrovica", it was said in the reaction of the Ministry of Education.

The minister of MAShTI, Arbërie Nagavci, even spoke about this competition during two conferences, in August and December last year.

We have suspended the election of the rector because we had an attempt at extreme misuse and abuse of being members of the Governing Council where the meeting was invited completely differently from what the University Statute foresees, said the minister at a conference in the month August 2023

The minister gave almost the same statement at the year-end conference.

"Regarding the election of the rector of the University of Mitrovica, I was informed by the members of the Governing Council that there were serious problems in relation to the law, for which irregularities were reported", she said during the December 2023 conference.

In August and December last year, the Minister of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, had spoken about the competition for rector at the University of Mitrovica, but now after the election of Nurtene Deva at the head of the University, she says that the Governing Council is responsible for the election of the rector, thus contradicting what it had declared last year.

"The Governing Council of the University of Mitrovica is responsible for the election of the rector, as the University Statute provides. As you know, MESTI has 3 members in the Council who can answer for every detail related to the competition and the election of the rector. Public universities are independent institutions, therefore, we ask you to direct these questions to the KD of the University. As the Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, we are open for answers on all topics related to MESTI", says the ministry's response.

The reactions of Minister Nagavci did not fall on deaf ears.

During this time period, the chairs and members selected by MESTI have resigned twice in a row.

But, to select the members for the third time, the Governing Council met, four months after the beginning of the new academic year.

In the meeting held on February 5, the head of the council, Albana Rexha, who was elected from the ranks of the ministry, had included the cancellation of the competition for rector, through which the rector Shala was selected, as an item on the agenda.

The Governing Council led by Albana Rexha, in a contested process, succeeded in dismissing the rector Merita Shala, with the majority of votes of the members appointed by MASHT.

All this noise was caused by the fact that in the end, through an illegal competition, a woman convicted of a criminal offense from the chapter of corruption was placed at the head of the university.

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