The member of the KD from the Ministry excuses Deva for not sending the court testimony

Avni Islami

The Deputy Chairman of the Governing Council from the ranks of the Ministry, Avni Islami, was among the council members who voted in favor of inviting Nurtene Deva to the interview, but he claims that Deva did not understand the competition and therefore sent her alone. the Police certificate and not the court certificate.

Avni Islami: Why she has not sent the certificate is because of the competition which is unclear at the point you are referring to…
Journalist: Have you discussed with Mrs. Deva where she said that the competition was unclear?
Avni Islami: We have not contacted Mrs. Deva...

Journalist: Why do you think it was unclear to him?
Avni Islami: Why is this my opinion, because she brought a document

Journalist: But, you can't second-guess someone about how they understood the competition. This part is not clear to me.
Avni Islami: I believe that it is an autonomous opinion of each one. I think so.

Regarding this statement of the member of the Governing Council, the researcher of IKD, Flamur Kabashi, says that the Governing Council had to clarify the whole process of the competition in order not to violate the rules of this competition.

"It is regrettable that we hear this. If the competition had ambiguity, the Governing Council should have made sure to clarify the whole process and not enable Ms. It had to be chosen through an unclear competition and full of violations, and this is absurd", says Kabashi.

Izet Zeqiri, who has been a candidate for rector, also sees the change of the list of candidates as illegal.

"I still consider it an intervention that is illegal, or I consider that it could be a criminal offense according to the lawyers, changing or completing the list with candidates that the commission once considered do not meet the criteria. So people who do not meet the criteria of the competition cannot enter the competition again", he said.

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