Important development for Kosovar sport, Elvira Dushku in FIBA

Elvira Dushku

The famous former basketball player, Elvira Dushku, is expected to start a new "era" for Kosovar sports - the engagement of officials from Kosovo in international sports organizations.

Dushku has been serving as the general secretary of the Kosovo Basketball Federation for many years. For the work he performs, he is highly appreciated in FBK, in the Kosovar basketball community, but also in Kosovar sports in general. In addition to her duties as general secretary, Dushku has continued her studies in sports management.

Recently, the former basketball player of the University of Prishtina, has successfully completed the MESGO program, namely the Executive Master's in Global Governance in Sports. This is a unique program designed for professionals in the sport sector, who wish to master the complex dimensions and diversity of international practices related to professional sport at an international level.

Dushku will graduate from this program at the beginning of October and then he is expected to start work at the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), which is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

"This will be done in coordination with the Kosovo Basketball Federation, which organization I am a part of and will continue to be," Dushku said on Tuesday to KOĖN.

"The idea is to work in FIBA ​​as a manager for national federations. So to work with federations. I can say that it is a middle position. I know the work of the federations well and I believe that I am ready for this challenge. But this comes into consideration only after he graduates from the Master's that I am following, which he will finish at the beginning of October, when the graduation ceremony will be held", added Dushku.

As a former successful basketball player, Dushku has never been separated from sports. She worked for a while as a sports journalist, in addition to her commitments as a sports coordinator in the Prishtina basketball club. She was then engaged in several sports organizations. Since 2015, she has been employed at the Kosovo Basketball Federation, while since 2017 she is the general secretary. This is the main executive position in the Kosovar sports federations. No major federation in the country has a general secretary. Elvira Dushku is the only one.

Until now, no official from the Kosovar sports federations has been employed by European or international federations. For this reason, Dushku will start a new era.

Directors and officials of Kosovar sports federations are actually part of international associations, but not as employees. The chairman of FBK, Arben Fetahu, is a member of the Board of FIBA ​​Europe, while Dushku is on the commissions of FIBA ​​Europe.

The President of the Judo Federation of Kosovo, Agron Kuka, is one of the sports directors of the European Judo Union and therefore a member of the Executive Committee of the EJU. Handball and any other Kosovar sport are also presented in international organizations.

Even after joining FIBA, Dushku is not expected to break away from Kosovar basketball. Thus FBK and Kosovar basketball will have a wing within the main organization of this sport.