The star relies on the support of the fans for the second final

KB Ylli

The fiery atmosphere created in the first match of the final series in "Minatori" has given great help to Trepça to win in the end against Golden Eagle Yllit.

On Thursday night, Trepça won with a score of 77:68 against the Suharek team, for a 1:0 lead in the final playoff series of the elite Kosovar basketball.

But they have not given up on Ylli.

Valon Bunjaku expects that in the gym "13 June" in Suharekë, a beautiful sports atmosphere will be created, and of course, very noisy.

On Saturday, Bunjak told KOĖN that he appreciates Trepca for the quality he has in the team. However, he added that he and his teammates aim to draw the final series.

The match Golden Eagle Ylli – Trepça is played on Sunday from 17:00.

"We have tried to prepare as well as possible for the second final match. We will try not to repeat the mistakes we made in the first duel. We enter the game to equalize the series, but we keep in mind that Trepça is a strong team. Of course, we expect great support from the public and a fiery atmosphere in the gym", declared Bunjaku.

The first final was strong and decided at the very end.

Ylli had the lead until 4:36 seconds before the end of the meeting. But a three-pointer by Kevin Capers put the "miners" in the lead, who never gave up the lead and won the first final game.

Capers finished the game with 10 points and four rebounds, while Kevin Barcy-Davis also contributed. Davis had closed the match on Thursday with nine points, as many as Erjon Kastrati had also scored.

With the best stats was Devonte Upson who had 11 points and ten rebounds.

Strong game also awaits Bracy-Davis. He told KOĖN on Saturday that Trepça will try to win again, and then celebrate the title in Mitrovica.

"We expect a strong and fought game until the end. Of course, it won't be easy, but we are motivated and want to win the second game 2:0", declared Bracy-Davis.

Trepca aims for the fifth title in the history of the club. However, the trophy of the best in the Kosovar basketball Superleague has been missing for years. For the last time, Trepça won the title in 2012.

Meanwhile, Ylli is looking for the third title in history. The star had triumphed in the elite in 2021 and 2022.

The team that wins three matches is declared the champion of the Superliga.