Why Tesla's Cybertruck costs only 100 thousand euros in the USA and half a million in Germany

Although Tesla has no plans to sell the futuristic Cybertruck outside of North America, that doesn't mean the vehicle won't be seen in Europe. Those who want to buy it in Europe have to spend five times more.

Tesla's Cybertruck is expected to go on display this spring at the Stuttgart Holzgerlingen delivery center, home of Mercedes and Porsche. It's all marketing. Tesla wants to show power, and the Cybertruck is such a project.

But its sale continues to be on the vehicle lists in Germany, even though it cannot be bought. In Germany, it costs no less than 485 thousand euros. The price of the Cybertruck in the USA is about 100 thousand euros.

Why is there such a difference in price?

Tesla claims this is due to the individual homologation costs to make this truck legal in Europe. If a Cybertruck comes to Europe then it must change the front end, lights and charging port to comply with European regulations.

Tesla also has a policy that prohibits Cybertruck owners from selling the vehicle in the first year. If they do, they have to pay Tesla $50.