"Mr. Bean" is blamed for weak sales of electric cars

Rowan Atkinson, the actor known for his roles in “Mr. Bean" and "The Black Adder", has been blamed for "tarnishing" the reputation of electric cars, which has affected their poor sales. The actor's name was mentioned in the British House of Lords during a meeting of the environment and climate change committee.

The London-based Green Alliance think-tank has presented its views on the main obstacles facing the British government in trying to phase out petrol and diesel cars before 2035. They said actor Rowan Atkinson's comment had a negative effect. in this case, writes Sky News.

"One of the most damaging articles was Rowan Atkinson's commentary in the Guardian. "Unfortunately, real facts never reach the same wide audience as fake news, which confirms the need to ensure high editorial standards," the Green Alliance report states.

Atkinson wrote an opinion piece titled "I love electric vehicles and I'm an early buyer, but I feel more and more cheated." The actor said that electric vehicles are "a little soulless" and criticized the use of lithium-ion batteries.

As an alternative solution, "Mr. Bean" proposed that drivers keep the same car as long as possible and increase the use of synthetic fuels that would negate the need for electric vehicles.

Atkinson, a self-described car enthusiast, has a degree in electrical and electronic engineering. He admitted that he has advised his friends not to buy electric vehicles.