After how many kilometers is it difficult to sell a car?

Exceeding a certain mileage limit can drastically reduce the chances of selling your car as you wish, writes "Autocar".

Experts warn that the more miles a car has, the worse it will look in the minds of buyers and will be almost impossible to sell.

Mileage is a factor that can affect the sale of the car.

The possibility of finding a buyer for your car depends mainly on the mechanical and psychological implications after certain mileages.

Selling before the car reaches 50 to 60 miles is generally the best option because many automakers' general warranties expire around this standard.

Another mileage metric to consider is selling the car before it reaches between 90 and 110 miles.

Cars that exceed 100 thousand kilometers often create a psychological barrier for buyers, even if the model works well.

Experts say that there is a common perception in the minds of buyers that the value of a car decreases after 100 kilometers.