Volvo changes the names of some models

Swedish car giant Volvo has expanded its lineup significantly in recent years. The addition of models has caused confusion due to the names. However, now the company has come up with a solution by removing the prefix "Recharge" from the electric and hybrid models.

As a result "XC40 Recharge" and "C40 Recharge" have now been replaced by the names "EX40" and "EC40".

The two models join the Volvo electric lineup, which also includes the EX30, EX90 SUV and EM90 models. At the same time, the hybrids "XC60 Recharge", "S60 Recharge" and others have received the prefix "T6" or "T8", depending on the power that the combination brings.

These names were usually used in the past for gasoline models, but Volvo is transitioning to produce only electric cars by 2030.