Russia, with China's help, produced Citroen without Stellantis' knowledge

Citroen C5 Aircross began to be produced in Russia with the help of China. The Stellantis factory in Kaluga, over which this group no longer has any control, produces this model with the help of the Chinese through parallel imports.

In December last year, Russian company Automotive Technologies imported at least 42 car parts to assemble the Citroen C5 Aircross model at the Kaluga plant, which on paper is still owned by the Stellantis group, customs documents showed.

The car parts came from the Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Group, which is Stellantis' partner for the Chinese market. Dongfeng and Stellantis, the world's third-largest automaker by revenue, run a joint venture in China, under which Dongfeng can manufacture and sell Stellantis' brands in China.

But the Chinese company clearly violated the partnership relationship and delivered assembly parts to the Russian company Automotive Technologies with the help of which the Russians assembled the Citroen C5 Aircross at the factory in Kaluga, reports Reuters.

It could also be an indication that Stellantis has recently signed a partnership with another Chinese manufacturer - Leapmotor, and that it wants to end its cooperation with Dongfeng, who somehow "betrayed" Stellantis with this move. Even the company that has exclusive ownership of Citroen didn't even know that someone else was producing its brand.