Even European car manufacturers are "scared" of Trump's return as president

Not only political actors, but also European car manufacturers are in trouble if Donald Trump will return as president of the United States of America.

In November of this year, the elections will be held in the USA. If Trump becomes president again, there is a big risk that the old trade agreements with the EU will be terminated, which could bring problems for European car manufacturers, writes Automotive News Europe.

During Trump's previous presidency, trade discussions between the US and the EU began. Trump has protected domestic industry and wanted to impose high import duties, so-called punitive tariffs, on products made outside the US.

However, it all ended in a trade war between the US and China, with both countries raising tariffs on each other. Now that Trump is aiming for a second presidential term, fears are resurfacing that current trade deals could be restructured and that punitive tariffs could be imposed.

Trump is said to be ready to launch a trade war, primarily against China, which could have a major impact globally. Among other things, the former American president raised the issue of the exclusion from the American market of electric cars that are produced in China or that are produced in other countries, but with parts from China.

According to industry experts, this would also hit car manufacturers from Europe hard. After all, Trump doesn't like electric cars and often opposes the current climate debate.

If he and his administration take over the US next year, many believe the government's push to boost the electric car market will be scaled back. Such a move would affect all electric car makers, including Tesla, but also many European carmakers investing in the transition to electric cars, not just in the US.