Professor of economics, Ujkan Bajra

Bajra calls the CBK's decision a farce: Such a regulation existed

7 min. before Arberi

Professor of economics, Ujkan Bajra, has called the decision of the Central Bank of Kosovo regarding the new Regulation a farce...

Radoslaw sikorski

Poland supports a two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians

18 min. before THE WORLD

The Polish Foreign Minister, Radoslav Sikorski, stated on Wednesday that Poland supports the two-state solution to the crisis...

Leonard Plani

The plan continues its good form in South Korea

34 min. before football

Leonard Pllana has continued his good form in the second category of football in South Korea. The winger made...

Fiery final, which team is declared champion?

Fiery final, which team is declared champion?

1 o. before basketball

The 2023/2024 season in Kosovar basketball will end with a fiery and very strong match. On Thursday from...


With Hoxha's contribution, Dinamo wins the Croatian Cup

1 o. before Sport

After the title won the day before in the football elite of Croatia, Arbër Hoxha and Dinamo Zagreb...


The absence of one of the 18 accused fails the hearing on the "Transporter" case

1 o. before CHRONICLE

The absence of one of the 18 accused for the smuggling of about 650 thousand liters of diesel and various oils has...

Baptist Johan Fritsch

Fritsch: The doctor found that the person found in the former MUP facility did not die as a result of the beating

1 o. before Arberi

Baptist Johan Fritsch, former press officer of the NATO mission in Kosovo - KFOR - who landed in...

Massacre in Dubrava prison

The massacre of Dubrava, evidence of the truth of Kosovo

1 o. before Arberi

Arbër Bytyqi from the Municipality of Rahovec visits Dubrava Prison every year, where 25 years ago...

Geert Wilders

The Dutch coalition government dominated by an anti-Islam party struggles to find a prime minister

1 o. before THE WORLD

The parties that agreed to form a far-right-dominated Dutch coalition are struggling to find...

Civil Aviation

The British: In the short list for the director of the CAA, three candidates who do not meet the criteria

1 o. before Arberi

Candidates who do not meet the criteria are included in the short list of the general director selection process...

Government of Kosovo

LDK and AAK refuse to meet with Kurti, demand his resignation or dismissal

1 o. before Arberi

Prime Minister Albin Kurti's initiative to meet with the opposition has been concluded with the Democratic Party of Kosovo. The realization of a meeting...

Apple company

Apple is accused of supplying minerals from conflict zones in the Congo

1 o. before Tech

International lawyers representing the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo said Wednesday that they have evidence gathered from...

David Cameron & Edi Rama

Cameron: Economic growth and political reconciliation in the Balkans, priorities

1 o. before EVENING NEWS

 The stability of Europe is closely linked to peace in the Western Balkans, said the British Foreign Secretary...


Kosovo is part of the agenda of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Sofia

1 o. before Arberi

Kosovo will be on the agenda of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, which will start its work on May 25...

Rishi Sunak and his wife

Who is Rishi Sunak?

1 o. before THE WORLD

Rishi Sunak has become the first black Prime Minister of Great Britain, and the first of Indian origin, when...

Besnik Bislimi

Bislimi: The dialogue is facing Serbia's frequent rejections

1 o. before Arberi

Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi has reiterated that Kosovo remains a constructive party in the dialogue, but that the process is encountering difficulties for...

I'm fine Shypnia

"I am well..." in the internal battle of Isa Boletini in 1914

2 o. before EXPRESS

The stage of the "Dodona" theater has turned a chapter of the event of September 1914. The monodrama "I'm fine when a...

Edwin Kuc

Even Edvin Kuç confirms his departure from the Balkans

2 o. before football

The captain of the Balkans, Edvin Kuç, said after the final match of the Kosovo Cup that he will leave the Balkans...

Armend Thaqi - FC Balkani

Thaqi confirms transfer to Cluj

2 o. before football

The defender of the Balkans, Armend Thaqi, has confirmed the move to Cluj in Romania. He said that after the end of the championship,...


"GranFest" in the troubled world with the "consequences of dreaming"

2 o. before EXPRESS

In a turbulent world of wars, the graphic novel paints realities, aims to break prejudices, to create bridges. With this...