Schools as polling stations

MESTI responds to the CEC: Schools are the responsibility of the municipalities

Photo: Time

The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation has told the Central Election Commission that the request for ensuring the access and functionality of the voting centers for the process of voting for or against the removal of the mayors in Leposaviq, Zubin-Potok, Zveçan and North Mitrovica , should be addressed to the mayors of the municipalities. 

The Ministry has replied to the CEC that schools are the responsibility of the municipalities. 

"Based on Article 7 of the Law on Pre-University Education and Article 5 of the Law on Education in the Municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo, schools are the responsibility of the municipalities, respectively municipalities have exclusive competence for schools in their territory", MASHTI said in response.

The CEC has written to the mayors of the four municipalities in the north of Kosovo and the Ministry of Education regarding the possibility of using schools as voting centers on April 21. However, KOHA reported that the CEC is being pressured to change this decision.

Time sources have said that the illegal institutions of Serbia have forbidden the principals of Serbian schools in North Mitrovica, any communication with institutional representatives of Kosovo.