Cadets from different countries begin their experience at the KSF Defense Academy

To familiarize themselves with the military education system offered by the Kosovo Security Force, at the start of the International Cadet Week, this force welcomed cadets from the military academies of the United States of America, Canada, Turkey, Albania and Macedonia. North.

The Commander of the Center for University Studies at the Defense Academy, Major Mimoza Budeci, has evaluated this as an experience that should be followed as an example by other countries.

"Our opportunity to invite countries such as the USA, Turkey, Canada, Albania and North Macedonia, and to be present here today and to receive experience and knowledge from us is an achievement that is highly appreciated and should be followed as an example by other countries", stated Budeci. 

Even the international cadets expressed their satisfaction that they are in Kosovo to exchange knowledge with the young soldiers of the KSF. 

“So far they have been very welcoming and we are grateful to be here and to listen and learn from a much smaller force. To develop different skills, that is, to learn from each other and learn each of our skills", said Aaron Whitlock, cadet from the Space Forces of the United States of America.

Kosovar cadets have also expressed their openness to this cooperation, saying that they will learn a lot from foreign experiences.

"During this week, we exchange our knowledge and experiences that we have acquired during these four years of studies with different cadets from different academies. This is a good opportunity, both for knowledge exchange and socializing, to get to know and know what other cadets do in their academies abroad", said Atdhe Ahmeti, a cadet from the Kosovo Security Force. 

In the framework of increasing its capacities, the KSF has announced that it has also organized the basic course for the Military Police. 

During the 10 weeks that it lasted, KSF members were validated in Military Police duties, such as patrols, traffic stops, reaction to explosive devices, crowd management, prisoner of war camp management, neutralization of active shooters, etc. . 

The most successful cadets were also awarded prizes by the KSF.