Dismissal of the presidents

Illegals prevent Serbian school principals from talking to institutions about the April 21 vote

Officials of some of the school institutions in the north of Kosovo have refused to say whether they will allow the holding of the April 21 vote. KOHA has learned that the illegal structures have forbidden them to communicate with representatives of the institutions on the eve of voting.

The illegal institutions of Serbia have forbidden the directors of Serbian schools in North Mitrovica, any communication with institutional representatives of Kosovo, on the eve of the vote for the dismissal of the mayors. 

Time sources said that this reasoning was used when the directors were contacted about the need to open the schools on April 21, which the CEC has approved as voting centers.

But, publicly, the directors have refused to talk about whether they will make the facilities available to the CEC.
The "Sveti Sava" primary and lower secondary school is among the seven voting centers in North Mitrovica approved by the CEC. However, the voters of this center will have to use another facility, since the primary school is not expected to be available to them for the April 21 vote.

Whether or not he will allow voting to be held in this facility, its director refused to say.

The voting center is also the annex of the school in Suhadoll i Eperm, but the directorate has no information about this object either.

"I know the school is on the list. I know. All voting is done here. But with what will be held now, I don't know what will be done. I don't know if he does or not," said the director.

Whether or not voting will be allowed for the dismissal of the mayor of North Mitrovica Municipality was not indicated in the High Technical High School, on the grounds that the principal is not there.

The principal was also absent from the lower secondary elementary school "Jovan Cvijiq" in Zubin-Potok.

An official at the school said he does not return until Monday.

Based on sources within the CEC, KOHA reported a day ago that information has been received that for the April 21 vote, schools in the north that are managed by illegal structures will not be available.

Such a thing has not been officially confirmed in the CEC nor in the four municipalities in the north.

The CEC has approved the list of 44 Voting Centers in Leposaviq, Zubin-Potok, Zveçan and North Mitrovica. More than 30 of them are Serbian educational institutions.

The Serbian List has called for a boycott of the vote for the dismissal of the presidents, although it supported the petition that opened the way for the process.

Citizens in North Mitrovica have not agreed to speak about whether they will participate in the vote for the dismissal or not of the mayor Erden Atiq.

KOHA has learned that the CEC will hold a meeting on Saturday, starting at 11 a.m., but it has not been able to confirm whether it will also discuss the problems that have arisen with the school facilities in the north.