Osmani: Impunity for crimes has emboldened the heirs of the attack in Banjska

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The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, has said that the lack of justice and the impunity of war criminals "has emboldened the heirs of the Banjska attack".

She said on Tuesday at the ceremony organized for the KLA Epic, that Kosovo is an irreversible reality and a consolidated state.

"The epic of Prekazi brought a change of course for freedom and independence. As always, we express our appreciation and gratitude with a bow to the Jashari family and all the freedom fighters. The lack of justice and the impunity of war criminals has emboldened the heirs such as the attack in Banjska. But we remind you that Kosovo is an irreversible reality. The Republic of Kosovo is a consolidated state with a constitution and institutions based on the highest European values", said Osmani.

She added that March 5,6, 7 and XNUMX are days of glory and pride.

"An entire murderous army against a family... The highest honor for the KLA and the Jashari family is Kosovo with democracy and sovereignty in every corner and with allies all over the world", emphasized the president.

Photo: Driton Pacharada/KOHA

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Albin Kurti has said that the "indulgence" of injustice never brings peace, adding that the people are held by "the purified ideal of the Epic of Yashar".

"As in every March, we are here in the most appropriate places for the memory and understanding of the KLA Epic. In a country of liberators, the army is the right place to remember the Epic. We know and appreciate our history because it is dense in deeds. We are many because we carry famous names in our minds. Dear soldiers, now the era is speaking differently, firstly because we are an independent state and we have our own army. We are part of a nation that defends with its army the very idea of ​​the practice of justice and freedom. Secondly, the era and world consciousness are changing, but it is understood that condoning injustice never brings peace", said Kurti.

According to the prime minister, peace and injustice cannot coexist.

"You must see and appreciate yourself as one body and one mind. We adhere to a refined ideal of the Epic of the Young. Soldiers, you are a clear expression of our seriousness in the international arena", he added.

Photo: Driton Pacharada/KOHA

Lulzim Jashari, a member of the Jashari family, said that it is an honor and a privilege to speak to the soldiers in front of their uniforms.

November and March are the months when we look back at our tradition to appreciate the present and plan our future. Dear soldiers, you have a pure and rich tradition. Your weapons are the continuation of the purest weapons in the Balkans and beyond. The weapons of the ancestors were not stained with the blood of civilians, they aimed only at the occupier. The Albanians did not lack courage, but ammunition. We are used to shooting the target because we had to save bullets. The time has passed when we responded to the sacrifice of the homeland only voluntarily, it should be an obligation and obligation", he emphasized.