The sacrifice of the Jashari family for the liberation of Kosovo is highly appreciated

Updated at 11:08 - Institutional leaders have highly appreciated the sacrifice of the Jashari family and the legendary commander Adem Jashari for the liberation of Kosovo.

In the solemn session of the Assembly of Kosovo, held on the occasion of the Epic of the Kosovo Liberation Army, the president, Vjosa Osmani, said that the Epic of the KLA determined our destiny as a people and as a state.

Prime Minister Albin Kurti has emphasized that the legendary commander Adem Jashari has the greatest share in the history of Kosovo.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca, has stated that the living cannot avenge the heroism of the Jashari family.

The session started with the singing of the Kosovo and national anthems. Meanwhile, the singer Ilir Shaqiri performed the song "March comes again" and the singer Shkurte Fejza the song "I got words".


Osmani: Now more than ever we need unity on matters of national interest


The president, Vjosa Osmani, has said that now more than ever Kosovo needs unity for matters of national interest.

In the solemn session of the Assembly held on the occasion of the KLA Epic, he said that unity is the only means to strengthen the state.

"Now more than ever we need unity on matters of national interest, it is necessary, because it is the only means to strengthen our state, its integrity and to honor the memory of those who sacrificed for our Republic. It is up to us to write the new chapter of our country's history, that of the development and international affirmation of the Republic, Kosovo is our homeland that deserves our unwavering dedication", Osmani said.

She said that the KLA Epic determined our destiny as a people and as a country.

"The epic of the KLA determined our destiny as a people and as a state, it was an epic of our dignity, pride and freedom, in which it was proved with extraordinary persistence and endurance that freedom has no price that we are not willing to pay ", Osmani stated.

She said that today the state of Kosovo rests on the shoulders of our heroes.

"Whenever March comes, our memories naturally bring to mind the most glorious period of our history associated with our efforts for freedom and statehood. March is the month engraved in the annals of our nation's fight for freedom, a month when the indomitable spirit of Adem Jashari and the Kosovo Liberation Army gave birth to the war against the genocidal regime of Milosevic", Osmani said.

"Therefore 'March comes again' is no longer just a song chorus, it is the motto of memory and honor of our struggle for freedom and independence, which is identified with the protagonist of our struggle, the commander of our struggle, his family, the Liberation Army of Kosovo", added Osmani.

VIDEO: President Vjosa Osmani's speech

Kurti: Adem Jashari has the biggest share in the country's history

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has said that the commander of the KLA, Adem Jashari, has the greatest share in the history of the nation, saying that his individual freedom "united his nation until death".

Kurti said on Tuesday at the solemn session for the KLA Epic that freedom was the condition of Adem Jashari's life and death.

"Adem Jashari has a great story that is the greatest story that a man can have in the history of his country... It is the story of a man who, within his time and his active being, united individual freedom of his nation until death... The KLA epic and the Jashari family's struggle sums up a great political and cultural legacy. Kosovo was freed from occupying Serbia, from a political legacy that produced the personality and figure of Adem Jashari, and from this same legacy our state is being built and strengthened. I'm talking about the legacy of culture and armed resistance and pure political activism, especially from the connection of Prizren that has characterized the Albanians. The resistance of the Prekazi Jashars is unique in itself. But it is not without references in the history of Albanians, it is not indelible even today", said Kurti.

According to the prime minister, the persistence of Adem Jashari and his fellow fighters "created the conditions for the possibility of liberation and the declaration of independence".

"Today in Kosovo, the freedom for which Adem Jashari had fought until his death has become the paradigm of life and the laws of a modern society", he added before the deputies.

Konjufca: The sacrifice of the Jashars raised the nation to the highest level of dignity and pride

Speaker Glauk Konjufca said that the living cannot avenge the heroism of the Jashari family. In his speech at this session, he repeated the words of the hero Hamëz Jashari: "We will be here because we have nowhere to go."

"For nations in the world, the most important thing is freedom. But there comes a point when freedom becomes equal to existence. The intersection of freedom and existence is dignity. Existence without freedom is life without dignity. Life becomes inhuman, unlivable life. The magnificent sacrifice of the Jashars has raised us nationally to the highest level of dignity and pride. The Jashars led by Adem and Hamza, with their grandmother Shaban and all the family members sacrificed themselves collectively in a direct fight for freedom. Collectively, they implemented the ideal principle of life: Freedom or death", said Konjufca. "When the nation manages to define this principle, the fall becomes freedom and freedom becomes necessity. Freedom is like air, but it does not hover. It stands on solid foundations. But its roots lie deep in the land of our ancestors. As Hamza said, we will be here because we have nowhere to go. The stone weighs on its own ground. The foundations of freedom stand firm on the blood of martyrs. The blood of martyrs flows in Kosovo's veins".

Konjufca said that the heroic fall of the Jashars gave life to the KLA. "The heroic fall of the Jashars gave life to the KLA and the army united with the people liberated the homeland. Independence is the result of this process. You never know how words are able to tell the whole story. I don't know if we can fully understand sacrifice. I wonder if we can really avenge their heroism. But one thing I know for sure. It is certain that as many Albanian nations as there are, each one will come to Prekaz and be inspired where freedom was conceived", he declared.

The head of the PDK Parliamentary Group, Abelard Tahiri, said that Adem Jashari's fight is the most important story of the Albanian people.

According to him, the heroic war changed the direction of the whole history.

"This event has another function, it gave hope to an entire people. There was no way to get out of captivity except through war, sacrifice, heroism and martyrdom", said Tahiri.

The deputy of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Anton Quni, said that the shot of Adem Jashari's rifle was the shot of protecting the threshold of the house

"God was a witness of the just fight for freedom, of the protection of the threshold of the house, of the just Albanian fight. Here and there, whenever and wherever, we bow before the divine work of the legendary commander Adem Jashari and the heroic Jashari family", said Quni.

The head of the Parliamentary Group of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Besnik Tahiri, said that the March dates were a big turning point.

"March 5, 6 and 7 was the big turning point where the clock of history changed and where an era was made. The Jashari family room turned into the assembly of many meetings of freedom fighters, there they came from Drenica, Dukagjini, Llapi, Shala e Bajgora, Pashtriku, Gollaku, Nerodimja, Karadak and from all Albanian lands", he said.