The KFOR Reservist Battalion ends its four-month deployment

The KFOR unit of Italy's Operational Reservist Battalion has completed its four-month deployment with a ceremony organized in Peja.

KFOR has announced that the Unit consists of the 186th regiment of Italian "Folgore" paratroopers, and with additional personnel from the Italian army and carabinieri.

Colonel Giovanni Corrado has been awarded a medal as a token of appreciation.

"I would like this to be a moment of recognition of the spirit with which this excellent group faced and accomplished its mission," said Corrado.

He added that the troops of this unit showed reliability in their role.

While, General Federico Bernacca, has said that KFOR is continuing its ongoing efforts to guarantee security.

The deputy head of the Italian Mission in Kosovo, Ugo Ferrero, has said that KFOR is ready to implement all tasks.

Also participating in the ceremony were Major General Pietro Barbano, the commander of the Regional Command, Fracesvo Ferrara, the commander of the Specialized Unit, Massimo Rosati and the commander of the Military Police of the Regional Command, Francesco Giangreco.