Berisha: Kosovo is not in danger from Serbia, the possibility of an attack is not real

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The deputy of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Hisen Berisha, said that Kosovo is not at all threatened by Serbia.

According to him, if Serbia enters Kosovo, "then it has received permission from the United States of America". "Otherwise, Serbia never dares to attack Kosovo", Berisha emphasized in an interview on KTV's "Interaktiv" show.

"Serbia has ambitions, it will never extinguish its ambitions, even when Kosovo is a member of the EU, NATO and the UN, Serbia, oriented towards the West, will never extinguish its ambitions towards Kosovo... but absolutely the possibility of an armed attack by Serbia in Kosovo is not real", added Berisha.

He called the Serbian armed attack in Banjska in Zveçan a scenario. "It was a scenario, I said it and I support it, not in intelligence information, but in an intelligent military assessment, Bansjka turns out to be a scenario ... let's analyze the brief, has Radoiciqi been arrested, no, he has been handed over to the authorities Kosovo, no, it is free from Interpol and Interpol is not able to arrest it, it is also on the black list of the USA, Serbia is a signatory of Interpol, being on the Interpol list means that the authorities will arrest you wherever you are , he is not being arrested because it is a scenario", Berisha emphasized.

He accused the Government of what he said was "patriotism towards internationals" and said that the Government itself is to blame for the sanctions imposed on Kosovo.

"Political decisions were the ones that brought us the consequences, and if the Americans say give us 6 months for certain topics and tell them 24 hours, slowly once you had to tell them in 1999 that you don't need to intervene that we bring freedom and independence, this is a kind of population and electoral rhetoric, patriotism against the internationals has risen ... this is a great danger against the USA, look at the youth, what language they speak, to do patriotism against of the USA and its allies is the biggest strategic mistake and the biggest danger that is threatening the nation and that is being promoted by this Government", stated Berisha.

According to him, the Government of Kosovo has brought Kosovo into international obligations. Berisha has said that the PDK does not want to become an Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority based on the statute that, according to him, Kurti has accepted.

The deputy of the PDK said that they are for the implementation of the 3013 agreement reached between Kosovo and Serbia.

Berisha: Kosovo in particular feels additional security with the opening of the NATO air base in Albania

He also spoke about the opening of the NATO air base in Kuçovo, Albania. According to him, this is to congratulate Albania for the work done in this direction.

According to Berisha, Kosovo in particular feels additional security from the opening of this base.

"It is the first air base of NATO in the Balkans, we fought the war and NATO operated from 'Aviano', now it has its air base in the territory of the Balkans, specifically in Albania. There are many relations of good neighborliness and with Kosovo they are much more specific because Kosovo is under the supervision of NATO, while Albania is part of NATO and together with NATO is in Kosovo and now Kuçova is an area close to all the countries in the region, but Kosovo feels an additional security in particular", said Berisha.

"In addition to this air base, very soon in Porto Romano, where work has been going on for years, since it entered the Partnership for Peace, there will also be a powerful naval base of NATO, which means that air and sea control will Albania should be the epicenter, where it will take place", added Berisha.