Two witnesses declare that they were beaten by the former policeman of Serbia, accused of war crimes

Two witnesses testified that Ekrem Bajroviqi, accused of war crimes in the region of Istog, beat them. One of them said that Bajroviqi beat him together with two other policemen until his face bled.

Witness FG and Beqir Zogaj from the region of Istog have accused the defendant Ekrem Bajroviqi of beating them during the war.

FG, whose identity the court decided to protect at the request of the prosecution, testified that he lost two teeth due to punches by the defendant.

"As for the teeth, can you tell the court how many teeth have been broken?", asked special prosecutor Ilir Morina.

"Two", answered the witness.

The prosecutor asked him if he replaced those teeth.

"No, to this day I don't have them, I'm without them because I haven't had the opportunity to replace them", answered the witness.

The witness Beqir Zogaj said that he was hit by the defendant Bajroviqi, then by a Serb who identified him as Vesko and a person of Bosnian nationality named Sadrija Shutkovic, who was uniformed as a Serbian policeman.

Witness Zogaj stated that they first went to his house, Kaliqan, in the middle of May 1998 and asked him to open his brother's shop. According to him, he told the three policemen that the store is run by his brother, who was in Peja at that time.

Then, as Zogaj testified, they got angry, raided his house and after finding nothing, beat him on the street in front of his house.

"When I went out on the street, they brought me two. Vesku has removed the collar from himself and behaves like a boxer. He gave Kalash to Sadria. With a kick and a kick to the knee from Vesk. Until they took me with blood from my ears, nose and head", said Zogaj.

Bajrović's lawyer, Lubomir Pantović, expressed reservations about the testimonies of the witnesses. Pantoviqi stated that the incriminating actions mentioned by the two witnesses are not included in the indictment, therefore, according to him, they have no relevance in relation to the criminal case.

Ekrem Bajroviqi is accused of war crimes against the civilian population during the period 1998-1999 in the region of Istog. Among other things, he is accused of involvement in murder, ill-treatment, torture and looting of refugees in Saradran on May 8, 1999, where over 150 Albanian civilians were killed. The prosecution also accuses him of participating in the kidnapping and mistreatment of 84 Albanian civilians on May 7, 1999 in Gurrakoc and surrounding villages.