Ibishi: Without partners, it is difficult for Kosovo to join international security organizations

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The support of strategic partners, according to security expert Nuredin Ibishi, is necessary for Kosovo's membership in international security organizations.

Ibishi, on Monday in an interview on KTV's "60 Minutes" show, said that Kosovo has neither diplomatic nor political power to lobby for membership.

"It is good that the requests for membership in international security organizations, Euro-Atlantic, both for Interpol and for NATO are appearing, but in reality, without our strategic partners, it is difficult to achieve these objectives, the delays in membership in Interpol, in UNESCO, and others, but also in NATO, are the result of lack of coordination or lack of proper action with our strategic partners", Ibishi emphasized.

He called Kosovo's lobbying campaign for Interpol membership ridiculous.

"We are a very small country for lobbying, no one knows us, we have to go when we have the USA, we have the powerful countries of the European Union, we also have Albania, we don't go to ask for help from them, but we try with our powers, we have neither diplomatic nor political power", said Ibishi, saying that coordination with allies is necessary.

He also spoke about the security situation in the north, saying that it is stable but fragile with the possibility of escalation.

According to him, there should be the presence of the Police but also coordination with the international factor to prevent destabilizing factors, which according to him come from Serbia.

Ibishi: The NATO air base in Albania is also important for Kosovo and the region

Ibishi also spoke about the importance of the new NATO air base in Kuçovo, Albania, which was inaugurated on Monday.

"The first tactical air base, the first in the Western Balkans, for the first time after many years we will have NATO air control over the Albanian territory, but also of several countries", Ibishi emphasized.

According to him, it will be important not only for Albania, but also for Kosovo and the entire region.

"Albania in general, with NATO membership itself, and now also with the provision of the tactical and air base, but also the provision, as you said, of the Prto Romano port, which will be a military and logistical port for the support of NATO forces , shows an endless commitment, related to the presence of NATO and the provision of security not only for the Albanian state, but also for the Balkans in general, and also what Rama said earlier that if Kosovo is attacked, Albania will respond , this is a rarely heard answer from the Albanian authorities until now", Ibishi emphasized.