Hovenier: Kosovo should be creative in dialogue, this is how the road to the EU opens

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The American ambassador in Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, has said that Kosovo must show continuous will and creativity in the dialogue with Serbia so that the country can open the way for membership in international organizations.

He said that the only way towards this is through dialogue mediated by the EU, as according to him, the international community wants to see Kosovo advance on the European path.

Hovenier also reiterated the request of the United States to respect all the agreements signed within the dialogue mediated by the European Union.

"The international community clearly wants Kosovo to advance on the European path, so you have created the conditions to achieve this and the only way is through dialogue facilitated by the EU. We hope to see renewed efforts to move forward. I am aware of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and the facilitator. Some say that Serbia will use the opportunity to delay Kosovo's progress. What I can say is that the best strategy in such circumstances for Kosovo is to do everything it can to show continuous will, creativity, energy, commitment and the implementation of the obligations it has taken, which helps the process to gone before", said Hovenier in the panel entitled "Designing the future: Policy Directions and Diplomatic Engagement", within the conference "Bridging the Western Balkans: Parliamentary Diplomacy for Regional Security and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

Hovenier said that no country in the world benefits like Kosovo.

"It is a NATO mission of 4 soldiers to ensure stability and security," said Hovenier.

He has said that he hopes that the "Government of Kosovo will listen to the advice given" by the internationals.

Szunyog: Stopping dialogue is closing the door

Tomas Szunyog, ambassador of the EU in Kosovo, has emphasized, just like his American counterpart Hovenier, that the only path to membership in the Euro-Atlantic institutions is dialogue.

"For me, the only way to achieve integration processes is dialogue. Stopping dialogue is closing the door," he said.

He further said that Eastern Europe is at the center of the Council of Europe's interest and currently not the Western Balkans. According to him, the EU has had long efforts in the Western Balkans, but there have been issues not passed by the states. He also mentioned the budget allocation made in February, making a comparison between 50 billion euros for Ukraine and 6 billion for the Western Balkans.

"If we look at the minutes of the European Council summits, most of the time is spent dealing with Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia and not with the Western Balkans. "The political messages for enlargement can probably be determined by the developments in Eastern Europe," he said.

Rohde: Even Kosovo has its homework to do

The German ambassador, Jorn Rohde, has also called for the fulfillment of the demands during the dialogue process, linking it with Kosovo's membership in the Council of Europe.

"Kosovo's membership is close. "Kosovo also has homework to do, that's what I mean when I say the right decisions," he said.

Gërvalla: We need clear language preventing attacks and threats

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Donika Gërvalla, has stated that by 2030, in diplomatic terms, threatening language should be punished so that there will be no war in the future.

"Many things must change by 2030, for example there must be clear language to prevent attacks or actions against those who threaten the entire region, not only our country, with war in the future. To prevent wars in the future, we must act in the present, otherwise we will be in the same position as in the 90s", she said.

Minister Gërvalla made such a statement in the session "Description of the future: Policy directions and diplomatic engagement", within the "Bridging the Western Balkans" conference. The US ambassador to Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, the German ambassador, Jorn Rohde, and the head of the EU office in Kosovo, Tomas Szunyog, are also participating in the panel.

"Dialogue alone cannot always bring success, in times of war to be successful in dialogue requires obstruction, protection, diplomacy and decisions. Now in April we will have a discussion on whether Kosovo will be invited to become part of the Council of Europe, so we need dialogue, diplomacy with talks", she declared.

Gërvalla, to the question of who are the three personalities who have inspired her in her diplomatic journey, answered with Skënderbeu, Mother Teresa and Ibrahim Rugova./RTK