Austrian MEP Mandl: The imposition of measures against Kosovo is a wrong idea

Co-chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Stabilization Association EU-Kosovo, Lukas Mandl

Co-chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Stabilization Association EU-Kosovo, Lukas Mandl

The Austrian MEP, Lukas Mandl, said that the imposition of punitive measures against Kosovo by the European Union was wrong and that efforts should be made to overcome them.

According to him, they are blocking many developments within Kosovo, in the fields of education, economy and health. Likewise, Mandl said that the mediation of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue by the EU should be better and that he will commit to such a thing.

"There are many issues on the table at the same time. There are internal issues in Kosovo where we must try to overcome the so-called measures from the European Union, which are actually blocking many developments within Kosovo in the field of education, in the field of economy, in the field of health. I want these measures, which I criticized a lot from the very beginning, to be overcome in the first place. It is a wrong idea to impose measures against Kosovo by the EU. Secondly, it is up to the partners within the dialogue to discuss properly and achieve results, but moderation by the EU can be better and should be better and of course, as soon as possible, it has to get better. I will work in a parliamentary way on the recommendations for the European Commission to establish a better moderation for this process", he said.

In addition, Mandl underlined that Kosovo should engage more in strengthening the partnership with international friends and partners.

"I think that every political party in Kosovo, regardless of power or opposition, every person committed to democracy, the rule of law, human dignity, freedom for Kosovo and in the name of Kosovo, and in the interest of the people of Kosovo, should strengthen connections with all friends and partners of Kosovo around the world. The positive thing about Kosovo is that it has many friends and partners around the world. Strengthening ties doesn't just mean communicating, it doesn't just mean being accountable, it also means being trustworthy in every process. I will continue to recommend every power, political power or civil society and all other powers within Kosovo to strengthen ties with partners, especially in Europe, but around the world", added Mandl.

Meanwhile, he emphasized his commitment as a member of the European Parliament in the requests to the European Commission for policy changes in the Western Balkans.

"Of course, the European Union in the first place needs structural reform for future visions and to achieve its future visions. Secondly, of course it must be reliable when the European Commission promises something to any country in Europe, regardless of whether it is the Western Balkans or the Eastern Partnership, the promise must be fulfilled. In the past, many people in Western markets, especially in Kosovo, were under the impression that promises would not be fulfilled and thus this is not the way the EU should behave. This is the reason why the European Parliament tries to strengthen the ties with each part of Europe, especially with Kosovo, asking the European Commission to keep its promises properly", emphasized Mandl.

The Austrian MEP made these comments to journalists after participating on Monday in the "Parliamentary Diplomacy for Regional Security and Euro-Atlantic Integration" conference./KSP