Peach: The Belfast Agreement is an example of reconciliation between Kosovo and Serbia

Great Britain's emissary for the Western Balkans, Stuart Peach, has said that the Belfast Agreement is the best example for reconciliation between Kosovo and Serbia.

The Belfast Agreement or as it is known as the Good Friday Agreement was signed in April 1998, ending the conflicts between the opposing parties in Northern Ireland.

Peach has said that that agreement is the best example of how Kosovo and Serbia can reconcile.

The British emissary has said that they support the dialogue facilitated by the European Union. The dialogue, according to Peach, should go towards creating a multi-ethnic future and mutual respect.

The Belfast Agreement was reached after three decades of conflict. The agreement created a new power-sharing arrangement, including the executive and the assembly, and was based on a number of fundamental principles, including the equal treatment of both communities, the principle of consent underpinning Northern Ireland's constitutional status and the right of the people. of Northern Ireland to identify and be accepted as British or Irish, or both, and hold British and Irish citizenship.

The 1998 Agreement transformed the political and economic life of Northern Ireland. It continues to serve as a framework for peace and prosperity.