Kurti: Kosovo threatened by those who want to get rich with war and weapons

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has said that the country he leads continues to be threatened by those who want to get rich with war and weapons, alluding to the criminal organizations operating in the north of Kosovo.

In an interview for the Italian agency "AGI" on Saturday, Kurti said that those who got rich with the last war have turned into criminals.

"There are still problems on the border with Serbia. Unfortunately those who got rich from the war have turned into criminals and continue to get rich from bitcoins, drugs and guns. They cover their business with nationalist ideas, but they are still criminals", said Kurti, who is in Italy and is participating in the congress of the European Socialist Parliament.

The head of the Government of Kosovo has accused the Serbian List of having strong ties with Serbia and Russia.

"They talk about nationalism and patriotism, but in reality they have fascist ideas and ties to Vucic and Putin," he added.

Kurti has stated that they are doing their best to get closer to the European Union. Kosovo submitted its application for EU membership on December 15, 2022, after being officially recognized by the European Commission as a "potential candidate" state.

"We are not yet officially candidates for membership, but we are doing our best to get closer to the European Union as soon as possible", continued Kurti.

The prime minister of Kosovo has also spoken about relations with Italy, saying that he was skeptical when Giorgia Meloni was elected prime minister.

"I have to be honest. In the past I considered Giorgia Meloni to be associated with her right-wing past, with fascism. Since she became prime minister, I have noticed her excellent relations with Biden and the USA, her unwavering support for Ukraine. Not so for Salvini, who has relations with Putin", said Kurti.