Vucic announces decisions: We will find alternative solutions to take the money to the Serbs

Aleksandar Vucic

The Serbian president has said that he will take "various decisions" to find ways to send the payments to the Serbian citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

"In the following period, we will be forced to take different decisions with which we will find alternative solutions to send the money, which are salaries and pensions for our people in Kosovo. No one is in a hurry about this issue."

In a press conference on Saturday, Aleksandër Vucic claimed that three things are expected from Serbia.

"De facto or de jure recognition of Kosovo, and renunciation of political and economic support from Republika Srpska; Imposing sanctions on Russia and anti-China stance; Puppet regime in Serbia", he said to the media, B92 reported. 

Vucic said that Serbia will be pressured to fulfill these three demands, and according to him, the pressure will come through institutions, organizations, agencies and politicians.

"In fact, now more than ever the urgent de facto and de jure recognition of Kosovo is being demanded. A key reason is the fact that in Ukraine things are not going as they thought in the West. Despite. Things have changed significantly, and the Russians have the initiative. Like it or not, there is a risk, and most likely if I were Putin I would always refer to a precedent like Kosovo - 'if you could do Kosovo, we can do some territories'. Because they in the West know, that's why it's important to speed up the issue. There will be no pressure on Kurt. The only important thing for them is that Serbia does not interfere", he said.