The US and the EU support the Prosecutor's Office: Criticism of the country's leaders should not deter you

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The Acting Chief Prosecutor of the State, Besim Kelmendi, has said that the judicial and prosecutorial power is unique in the protection of values.

Kelmendi emphasized that last year Kosovo scored a number of results in justice.

"The holding of the conference also coincides with the date of Skanderbeg's arrival and the unification of the principalities. We have chosen this date to show that the judicial and prosecutorial power is unique and inseparable in the protection of the country's values. Last year was a year of challenges but also quite efficient for the institutions of the State Prosecutor. 52 thousand 93 cases have been accepted, 43.793 cases have been completed. In 2023, Kosovo has scored significant results in justice. Even state officials who constantly criticize the State Prosecutor's work accept these results", he said at the State Prosecutor's annual conference.

Kelmendi told about the achievements in the prevention of crime. He called for maintaining professional independence in the justice system, and for impartiality.

"In terms of economic crimes, we managed to finish 446 cases with 583 people. The consequences of corruption for society are very great. 39 cases with 129 persons of organized crime. Regarding war crimes, many positive steps have been taken to prosecute cases, only in 2023, 20 such cases have been selected. It has seriously dealt with terrorism cases with 24 cases and 26 people. Over 111 million euros have been frozen, seized and confiscated. 52 cases with 80 persons of human trafficking were selected. 3.069 cases were selected with 3.450 people of Domestic Violence. "Challenges for us are cases with unknown perpetrators", he declared.

The US Ambassador to Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, by giving support, has encouraged the chief prosecutor to work to create a culture of professionalism in every office.

Hovenier stated that criticism of the prosecutor's work is expected, but that they must be faced.

"I have been impressed with what I have seen of your determination and your work. You have shown great dedication. I know that the work of a prosecutor is not easy. Although you may be seen as a powerful figure, it is expected that you will be criticized for your work. I am convinced that it is frustrating and offensive to receive criticism from citizens and leaders of the country. I would like to emphasize that the patience of these criticisms so that they do not prevent you from doing your work is important, you must do your work professionally and without influence", said Hovenier.

And, the head of the EU Office, Tomáš Szunyog, has emphasized that the government's criticism of the Prosecutor's Office should be stopped, meanwhile he has guaranteed the EU's support to it.

"Recently, unfortunately, I have noticed statements from the government criticizing your work. I reacted to this, this must be stopped. I want to mention the issue of the chief state prosecutor, this temporary solution should not be extended because it has a negative impact", Szunyog emphasized.