Over 2 thousand doctors and professors are obliged to declare their assets for the first time

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For the first time in Kosovo, over 2 thousand doctors and professors are obliged to declare their assets to the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption.

Within the one-month deadline, which will end on March 12, 1500 doctors from regional hospitals and the University Clinical Center of Kosovo (QKUK), including 800 professors from seven public universities, are obliged to fulfill this legal obligation, says the director of the Agency for the Prevention of Corruption, Yll Buleshkaj.

Buleshkaj added that the punishments for these two categories, in case they do not respond to the call for declaration of assets, continue with monetary fines and up to effective imprisonment.

In an interview for KosovaPress, Buleshkaj emphasized that last year they submitted 90 criminal reports for non-declaration of wealth by public officials. He added that this year it is expected that the number of those who are obliged to declare their wealth will reach nearly 13 thousand, two thousand more than the previous year.

"From the data we have received from the institutions, there are 1500 doctors of the secondary and tertiary system that belong to the regional hospitals and the KKUK, as well as over 800 professors from seven public universities who are obliged to declare their assets in this period for the first time. The wealth declaration period began on February 11 and ends on March 12 of this year. Many of them have already declared their wealth. There are a number of them who, in addition to the position of doctor or the professor also has other positions, and within the framework of other positions, they have made the declaration of wealth. I believe that there is a number of them, perhaps around 100, who do not need to make the declaration of wealth... In total, there are over 2300 public officials who have the obligation to declare their assets at this stage", said Buleshkaj.

Buleshkaj emphasized that the initial punishments for those who do not declare their assets within the specified period are of two levels, the first punishment is administrative, for which a mandatory fine in the amount of 30 percent of their salary will be imposed. And, the other punishment includes criminal charges, for which he said that the punishment can range from three to five years in effective prison, depending on the violations.

He stated that an increase in declarations is expected this year.

"This year we have a big increase, while in 2022 it was less than 4, last year we had about 11. This year at least one thousand more are added because this is the first year when the assemblymen do not declaration of assets. We have a departure of about 1 thousand officials who are no longer obliged to declare assets, and another two thousand are added from this category. The number will be over 12 thousand, we believe that under 13 thousand officials... Last year we had a good response from public officials in the declaration of wealth. As a result, we had a relatively small number of criminal reports, we have 90 criminal reports submitted for the past year. Whereas, in the previous year (2022 ) we had over 270", emphasized Buleshkaj.