"Z-Mobile" earned nearly 150 million euros from the contract with Telekom

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The agreement approved in 2008 by the Board of Directors of Telekom and implemented in 2010 for the virtual operator opened the way for the company "" to provide profits of 10 million euros within 102 years using the Telekom network. . After the end of the contract, this company that operates in the market under the name "Z Mobile" won another 45.7 million, compensation from court proceedings

It was January 16, 2009, when Shyqyri Haxha and Blerim Devolli crowned the connection between Telekom and "Dardafon". That day, the agreement for the virtual mobile operator was signed between the former CEO of Telekom and the owner of "Dardafon".

But the process started earlier. In 2007, when Telekom was led by Etrur Rrustemi and at the head of the board was Ilir Salihu, the call was made for what was called an attractive opportunity for virtual mobile operators. "Dardafoni" used this, not only to use the Telekom network, but also to request compensation.

On October 20, 2008, the contract was approved by the Board of Directors, headed by Rexhë Gjonbalaj.

"Dardafon", which was active since January 2010, was offered 200 phone numbers, for which the profit was left to him, first at a rate of 78 percent and then 73 percent.

During the 10 years of the contract, according to a Telekom study, Devolli won 102 million euros, and from two arbitration processes another 45.7 million.

Despite the profits, "Dardafoni", known as "Z-Mobile", was not satisfied with the implementation of the contract. In 2015, we took PTK to Arbitration on the grounds that it did not supply it with a SIM card and numbers, that it did not offer 3G and 4G services, as well as for reducing the quality of services.

On December 9, 2016, the Arbitration Tribunal decided in favor of "Z-Mobile", obliging Telekom to allocate additional numbers to "Z-Mobilies", as well as to offer 3G and 4G services.

The former head of PTK, Agron Mustafa, in a media appearance a few months after the Arbitration decision, accompanied by the owner of "Z-Mobile", Blerim Devolli, said that with the "Devolls" they have agreed that the debt determined with the decision of the Arbitration to be forgiven.

But, based on what was discussed between the two parties in a court session, it appears that the statement of Telekom's management was a fraud and that Devolli never agreed to forgive PTK's debts.

"Z-Mobile" also won the second battle in Arbitration against Telekom. On July 30, 2019, the former chairman of the Telecom Board, Besa Shatri-Berisha, announced that the contract with "Z-Mobile" will not be continued.

But, after that, this company sued in Arbitration, winning more than 11 million euros, with the claim of violation during the negotiation phase of the agreement.

For a decade, Telekom's accounts were blocked several times in the name of debt from these two lawsuits, jeopardizing the provision of services and wages to workers.

Recently, a decision of the Commercial Court left in force the executive order issued in 2019, which paves the way for the blocking of the bank accounts and obliges it to pay an amount over 5.7 million euros.

The decision was opposed by Telekom executives, who warned of legal measures for it.