Rrustemi: Serbia is committed to creating artificial escalation

The deputy of the Vetëvendosje Movement, Adnan Rrustemi, said that the year 2023 has irritated Serbia like never before. He justified this with the actions taken by Serbia towards Kosovo - including the terrorist attack in Banjska.

Rrustemi in "Interaktiv" emphasized that Serbia commits an act of aggression even when it contests its territorial integrity.

"This year was the year that made Serbia the most irritated ever in relation to Kosovo. It is surprising, in the sense of what the agreement should influence towards expansion, normalization and acceptance of reality, while Serbia has been becoming more aggressive towards Kosovo. Considering the actions that have taken place, the refusal to sign it, Serbia's violation of the points of the agreements, the terrorist act in Banjska, the kidnapping of policemen, the letter of Bërnabiqi to the EU - in particular the contestation of the territorial integrity of Kosovo. "The express contestation of territorial integrity, contrary to the basic agreement of Brussels, is a prelude to the act of aggression," he said.

Rrustemi stated that Serbia is committed to creating an artificial escalation, while he cited the Serbian president's rhetoric as an example.

"There is some kind of commitment by Serbia to create an artificial escalation, to create an unfounded sentiment like today's statement by Vučić that tears flow when I see Serbs waiting in front of ATMs. People waiting in front of ATMs are supposed to be waiting to withdraw," he added.

As for the issue of the dinar, Rrustemi emphasized that Kosovo cooperates with its partners in all matters, but that this does not mean the suspension of the functioning of the institutions because Serbia may find it a provocation.

"I understand that our partners can also have their broader perspectives in the context of geopolitical developments beyond Kosovo and the region. But Kosovo should also coexist in relation to their concerns beyond Kosovo and their interests because in the end their interests are also ours. But, this should not mean the suspension of the functioning of Kosovo's institutions during this period that their functioning was being provoked by another country like Serbia".

Speaking about the 3-year government of VV, Rrustemi said that establishing law and order in the north was in the Government's goals, although publicly it was not among its listed priorities.