Through fraud, 7 Kosovars damaged the elderly couple from Switzerland for 2 million euros

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Last week, 7 people were arrested for fraud and money laundering. Based on the criminal complaint, provided by KOHA, through fraud they damaged an elderly Swiss couple for 2 million euros. The young men operated in a village of Shtime and, in exchange for money, promised the couple to return their investments in cryptocurrencies

Two Swiss pensioners have fallen into the trap of some Kosovars, already suspected of fraud, from whom nearly 2 million euros have been damaged.

A Kosovar in his 30s, from a village in Shtime, in 2021 created a fictitious company in Zurich, Switzerland and, through it, promised to return the money invested in cryptocurrencies.

The company was called "", and the owner was Ueli Schmidt.

The Swiss architect, 79-year-old Hans Peter Sommer, was initially contacted by phone by Schmidt, who later turned out to be a Kosovar. This person was around 30 years old at the time.

Based on the criminal complaint, the Kosovar had told the elderly Swiss that the 700 thousand euros invested in cryptocurrencies could be withdrawn, but only after he sent him a part of the money needed to unlock the transfer.

"The first victims offer the opportunity to return the investment made in the amount of about 700.000 (seven hundred thousand) euros in the "option888" platform and in Trans Gain Capital and that this money was mainly invested in cryptocurrencies in Binance and that his company the first defendant has a team and he can return the entire investment made by the first injured party", says the criminal complaint, a copy of which KOHA has provided.

Shmidi, who later turned out to be a young man with the initials NS from Shtimja, along with his wife and four other people who are his friends and family, allegedly deceived the wife of the first victim.

From 2021 to January 2023, they convinced the elderly couple to send around one million euros to their bank accounts.

"The defendants have convinced the first and second injured party that in the time period, from 2021 to January 2023, to send financial means to the bank accounts of the defendants in the amount of 940,730 (nine hundred four ten thousand seven hundred and thirty) euros and in this way the first and second injured party were damaged in the amount of 940,730 (nine hundred and four ten thousand seven hundred and thirty) euros in terms of the money sent to the defendants", the document states.

According to the criminal complaint, the Swiss elderly only realized at the beginning of 2023 that they had been deceived. Before that, they were threatened by the Kosovars.

"The first defendant has had continuous requests to send funds and recently there was a request to send 18,000.00 (eighteen thousand) euros to his bank account. Based on the communication made by the first defendant and the second defendant with the first victim, through the phone number +38348306700 on Whatsapp and Telegram, the first defendant gives an ultimatum to the first victim that the aforementioned amount perform it until 31.1.2023, otherwise no vehicle will be transferred to the injured party. Also, the second defendant, through communications via Whatsapp, addresses the first victim via SMS, saying that she cannot transfer any means, if the first victim did not make the transfer to Mr. Schimdt (the first defendants) knew about the payment of his fee for the work performed", it is emphasized in the criminal complaint.

A person by the name of Donika Dërguti also participated in the communications, which later turned out to be a fictitious identity used by the first defendant.

Based on the criminal complaint, as much as the elderly Swiss couple sent money, the fraudsters told them that the value of the assets had increased and at the same time demanded additional money.

"In this communication, Mr. Schmidt (the first defendant) continues to mislead the first victim, confirming that he has 2.7 million euros in his account and that the same person has done extraordinary work to increase his wealth. Based on communications on Whatsapp and Telegram, the first defendant and the second defendant used the phone numbers +38348306700 and +38349402996. Through these communications, it is more than clear that the first defendant presented himself as Mr. Schmidt, while with the other number +38349402996 he presented himself as Donika Dërguti", the criminal complaint states.

The main Kosovar who is suspected of fraud, has meanwhile opened gastronomy businesses in Ferizaj and has been presented by politicians as a successful businessman.

Based on the criminal complaint, the Kosovars are suspected of having forged documents in the name of a Kosovar bank, with which the couple was told that the money was safe.

The Special Prosecutor's Office arrested the suspects last week. But he gave very few details about the case.

Several cars, weapons, ammunition, significant material means, as well as other evidence have been seized from the citizens of Shtimja, which are suspected to have been used during the fraud of the elderly Swiss couple.