Tahiri: Kurti failed, Kosovo became a black spot with sanctions

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The head of the Parliamentary Group of the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK), Besnik Tahiri, has said that the Kurti Government has failed to offer the promised change, stressing that "nothing has been worked on in the internal governance".

He said on Wednesday on KTV's "60 Minutes" that through populist policies, Prime Minister Albin Kurti has taken actions "with easier solutions" that, as Tahiri added, have not offered real solutions.

"This change is actually a failure. If you see what has happened in this period of time, this change is a failure because nothing has been done in the internal governance. Failed populist policies", said the head of the General Assembly of AAK.

According to him, Kurti has lost focus during the three years of government in the dialogue with Serbia, but according to him, nothing has been achieved in this topic either.

"All the focus that has been on dialogue for a year now, has been wasted time for Kosovo and has been a serious failure of the Kurti Government, seeing that Kosovo is under sanctions. We have become a black spot...A part of the north was well managed. There are advances when we talk about managing parallel structures. AAK has supported the Government in the Basic Agreement... But it is a great misfortune that an internal topic of the dinar is discussed in Brussels", he emphasized.

The AAK MP added that the dinar issue had to be settled through prior information of Serbian citizens.

"Dinar is going to the Security Council, and the issue of Banjska is not being discussed. Some retirees have received pensions and some have received salaries in dinars. We only had to inform them that from this day on it does not work (the use of dinar vj)", he stressed.

Tahiri added that through the resolution of issues with Serbia, the regulation of the salary system in the public and private sector, as well as the realization of health insurance, "Kosovo would overcome the problems".

"These ministers must do everything to leave a legacy that they have done something... The elections came, we will go to regular elections since Kurti does not resign to leave the privileges that the ministers are enjoying. In the regular context, elections are announced in mid-August or mid-September. At the moment when the Assembly goes on vacation, when we come to September, we are in a situation where the date of the elections is known. In these months, these ministers have to work hard to get things done. They should focus on the implementation of the work, forget the dialogue", he added.

Deputy Tahiri added that AAK has done work during the Haradinaj government "so that the people will live with them".