The members of the IPC, for the third time before the Commission, are again concerned about interference

For the third time, the members of the Independent Media Commission (IMC) appeared before the parliamentary Media Committee on Friday.

Once again, they have faced questions from government deputies regarding their decision to return the "Arena Sport" channels to cable platforms as well as the decision to license Art Motion.

During the discussion, concerns were again raised about interference in the independence of the KPM.

The deputy of AAK, Besnik Tahiri, has said that they as deputies should not endanger the institutional independence of the KPM.

"My concern at the meeting was how this decision was made so quickly. We must not endanger democracy but we must go as far as we are allowed not to touch the red line of institutional independence. We respect the institutional independence and conditions we have given them. You are chosen. If you do something illegal, justice must deal with you", said Tahiri.

According to him, a discussion is taking place that is harming the concept of independent institutions. "The EU expresses serious concern about the reaction to an independent institution. Under normal conditions, the president of the Assembly or the chairman of the Commission, if he thinks that you are clean, you as the president should react to the EU and tell him where he thinks that we have crossed that line of red", he addressed the chairman of the Commission, the deputy from the ranks of power, Valon Ramadani.

The Chairman of the Commission has said that he is convinced that the independence of the KPM has not been violated.

"As the chairman of the Commission, I am convinced that we are in compliance with the Rules of the Assembly but also with the Law of the IPC. We are fine and we are not infringing the independence of the KPM", said Ramadani.

Tahiri has criticized the statements of the deputies of the government made to the members of the KPM in the meeting that was held last week.

"I said the commission's right to demand accountability and responsibility is normal and I said I like it when I see such an approach, but here it is saying that care must be taken not to interfere in an independent institution. Last week's meeting was a black point of what we have done to these people. Entering the issue of patriotism", said Tahiri.

Vetëvendosje MP Armend Muja, who is not a member of this Commission, responded to him.

"When we try to change the Law, they say they are not independent. Are you now independent or not? The operator you have licensed does not recognize Kosovo as a state but recognizes it as part of Serbia. This is not a matter of patriotism, it is illegal. Since you are asking the operators to fill in the questionnaire for licensing, I am interested in the questionnaire for 'mts artmotion' and they ask the question: Do you respect the laws of Kosovo", said Muja.