Osmani and Hovenier discuss the transition of the implementation of the CBK Regulation

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President Vjosa Osmani and the ambassador of the United States of America in Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, discussed on Thursday "proposals that provide sustainable solutions for the transition plan for the implementation of the CBK regulation", the Presidency announced.

According to the announcement, the meeting between Osmani and Hovenieri was regular.

Besides the CBK Regulation, other recent developments in the country were also discussed at the meeting.

Osmani has repeated his "deep gratitude for the permanent support of the USA for the sovereignty, constitutionality and territorial integrity of Kosovo".

"Among other things, the meeting also discussed cooperation in terms of the international agenda in the coming months, as well as cooperation in the field of defense", it was announced in the announcement of the Presidency.

The regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo, which regulates the circulation of cash in Kosovo, excluding the Serbian dinar, entered into force on February 1, despite international objections. After the reactions, the Government has accepted the transition phase, while a day before the Deputy Prime Minister Besnik Bislimi said that the Government of Kosovo in the coming days will come up with a list of 10 measures, with which it will show how it will take care that the citizens not be damaged in the transitional phase until the full implementation of the new Regulation.