Bujar Osmani, DUI's candidate for president of North Macedonia

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The chairman of the Democratic Union for Integration, Ali Ahmeti, has presented Bujar Osmani as the candidate for president in the presidential elections expected to be held in April.

The first round of presidential elections is expected to be held on April 24, while the second round together with parliamentary elections will be held on May 8 in Macedonia.

Albanians will have two candidates for president. Osmani from DUI and Arben Taravari from the opposition will be Albanian candidates for president of North Macedonia. He needs 10 signatures to make his candidacy official. The deadline opens on February 23.

Through a video on Facebook, Ahmeti said that the former Foreign Minister, Bujar Osmani, has proven himself as a politician and now it's time for the next battle.

"Bujari has proven himself on the local and international stage and has participated in the battle against Russia, as well as being part of our team for changing the Constitution, joining NATO and starting negotiations for membership in the European Union. With Bujar, we are starting the most important referendum of the time and the next battle to win your trust to elect the President in the Assembly with a majority of two-thirds of the votes and with Badinter, to realize our vision of a consensual President", he said. Ahmeti.

The head of DUI has also presented the slogan of the elections which will be "No to Russia, Yes to Europe".

Ahmeti has said that he will not be part of any government that does not make constitutional changes. He requested that changes be made so that the Assembly elects the president with 2/3 of the votes. Currently, in Macedonia, the president is elected by the votes of the citizens. 

The presidential elections go in two rounds. The two most voted candidates go to the second round or runoff.