Lawyer Arsiq contests the CBK Regulation in the Constitutional Court

Descriptive Text

Lawyer Vasilije Arsiq has requested the suspension of the Regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo, arguing that several articles of the Constitution have been violated.

In an answer to KOĖN, the Constitutional Court said that on February 20, it accepted "only the request form" submitted by the lawyer, who disputes the constitutionality of Article 35 of the CBK Regulation on cash operations.

"The contested articles are: 7 [Values], 11 [Currency], 22 [Direct Implementation of International Agreements and Instruments], 23 [Human Dignity], 24 [Equality before the Law], 25 [Right to Life], 46 [Property Protection], 49 [Right to Work and Exercise the Profession], 51 [Health and Social Protection], 57 [General Principles], 58 [State Responsibilities] and 59 [Rights of Communities and Members of Theirs] of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo", says the answer of the Constitution.

The regulation of the CBK, which determined that from February 1, only the euro currency would circulate for payments in Kosovo, has prompted the international reaction. The international community has continuously requested the postponement of this decision, reasoning that the community affected by this decision, the Serbian one because of the dinar, did not have enough time to be informed. On the other hand, the Government has insisted that the CBK is an independent institution and decides on its own.