Kurti was praised for allocating the budget for the municipalities, the AKK says that it is not to be trumpeted

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The Association of Kosovo Municipalities is not satisfied with the budget allocations for capital investments in municipalities. The executive director at AKK, Sazan Ibrahimi, has said that there is no coordination between the central and local level and that there is also a lack of cooperation.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Albin Kurti, in a meeting with mayors of municipalities, was praised for increasing the budget allocated to municipalities. However, Ibrahimi said that the Association was not invited to this meeting and that it had no role in it.

He stated that the budget increase that Kurti talked about in the meeting is not an enormous increase that should be trumpeted.

"As an Association, we were not involved in the organization of this meeting, we were not notified at all, nor invited. So we have had no role as an Association. After the meeting I realized that a large part of the mayors had not participated in this meeting. The time has not been more suitable to hold this meeting or the information about the meeting may have been late. From experience, the announcement was sent almost a month earlier where it was requested that the meeting will be held on this date and the mayors of the municipalities responded to the invitation", he said in Interaktiv.

According to Ibrahimi, 22 municipalities will have less financial means for new capital investments.

"For this year, neither Ferizaj nor Gjakova have a single cent for new capital investments. Now, are the leaders misinforming? Not only these two municipalities, but there are also others. 22 municipalities will have minus financial means for new capital investments. Ferizaj will have over 700 thousand euros less, Hani i Elezit about half a million euros less, etc. These are facts", he added.

Ibrahimi stated that the budget allocations were also made on a party basis.

"As for the budget allocation on a party basis, yes, it is true. A large part of the budget goes through line ministries. For example, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Infrastructure and these other ministries draw up criteria without asking the municipalities at all, and then the municipalities must apply with projects adapting to the criteria, and it is alluded to by most of the mayors that these criteria are non-objective".

Priority Ibrahimi sees the establishment of the fourth government grant that would give municipalities autonomy for capital investments.