Halitjaha says that the KLA had neither prisons nor military courts


The former deputy commander of the Pashtrik Operative Zone, Sadik Halitjaha, said before the Specialized Chambers of Kosovo in The Hague that the Kosovo Liberation Army had no prisons or military courts in his area. Judge Guenaël Mettraux asked him about a document (which cannot be seen by the public) that appeared to be a writ of a KLA military court.

"Do you agree that at first glance there appears a number 7/99 and bears the date February 2, 99, it comes from the Military Prosecutor General of the Kosovo Liberation Army and is related to the criminal report 03/99 on February 1, 99 presented by the Military Police of the Operative Zone of Pashtrik against Osman Berat Korpuzi from the village of Shalë. Do you see that?” Mettraux asked.