The miners' union: The management of "Trepça" has about 80.000 thousand euros of obligations towards us

The independent union of miners of "Trepça" has said that the management of "Trepça" owes about 80.000 thousand euros to the Union of Kosovo Miners.

Through a post on Facebook, this union has said that for several years the management of the "Trepça" Enterprise has been hindering the trade union activity of the Union of Kosovo Miners in various ways, according to the union, starting with persecution, blackmail, pressure, threats, suspensions, dismissals and other forms.

According to the announcement, another form of hindering trade union action and trying to undo the trade union is the ban on quotas or trade union membership, hindering and making trade union activity impossible.

"As a result of the non-transfer of these funds for several years, the obligation should now be around 80.000 thousand euros. Terrible. These are funds that we pay from our salary, with the sweat of our brow, and they are not transferred to the union account. With the only tendency is the persecution of the trade unionists, their departure from the trade union and its undoing at the same time. Shame cover you. You have no idea what is neither democratic nor legal. But you should know that 'Trepça' is not the property of the board nor of a totally ignorant management", says the reaction.

The union has said that "Trepça" as a joint-stock company, above all, belongs to miners and citizens and according to them it will always remain so.

"We inform you and appeal that if the full value of the union dues is not paid within one week (which was paid from our sweat/ from our beaks/ from the morsels of our families), we will take all the democratic steps to realized this right", the announcement states.