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Spahiu on relations with Albania: Inferiority has been imported into Kosovo

Analyst Nexhmedin Spahiu said that Flag Day in Kosovo should be celebrated when Avni Boletini raised the flag in the north.

Spahiu said that the change in Prime Minister Albin Kurti's stance on national unity is positive.

He said that with the idea of ​​national unification, Kurti deceived "those who wanted to be deceived".

"When you deceive those who want to be deceived and who are not in the land of bread, you should be applauded", he said.

He said that Kurti and Rama have shown the citizens that there can be no Albanian union.

According to him, "Rama has shown the border to the Kosovars".

Spahiu said that 64 percent of the polls know the Kosovar nation.

"Inferiority has been imposed in Kosovo. Problematic in the movie "November the Second" is when Isa Boletini bows to Ismail Qemali. This has not been helpful at all. Nowhere in the world has communism been useful. Something that was created at that time to humiliate Kosovars is unacceptable. Young generations should not be poisoned," he said.


Dermaku for Kurti: The citizens have realized that they are dealing with a fraudster

The editor-in-chief of "Periscope", Dafina Demaku, has called the prime minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, a fraud.

She said that Kurti raised the issue of national unity and against "Zajednica", while now he is talking about "Zajednica" and is not doing anything for national unity.

"Albin Kurti is always vivid or legible. But when I looked at the most readable news in the morning, it was not his visit to Vlora. This is happening, as readers and citizens have realized that they have a figure in front of them who is a fraud in their eyes. He is a person who raised the topic of national unity and against Zajednica. He is the person who is now talking about 'Zajednica' and finds rest in the Constitution of Kosovo, to say that national unity is impossible. Grass people don't eat", said Demaku in KTV's "Konfront".


Gjinovci: If there was an Albanian nation, the center would have to be Kosovo

Analyst Rron Gjinovci has said that he feels sorry for Kosovars who feel inferior to people from Albania.

According to him, this is a complex seen in most people.

Gjinovci said that some people in Kosovo feel bad to say that they are Kosovar, adding that they think it is an act of treason.

He added that the citizens of Albania do not know the date of Kosovo's independence and do not have any other information about the country.

"I get these desires from pain. All nationalist and national songs are from Kosovo. If there will be an Albanian nation, its center will be Kosovo. This is not likely to happen, but if it were to happen, then it would have to be Kosovo", he said.


Sopi: Kosovo and Albania have different identities

Commenting on Prime Minister Albin Kurti's visit to Tirana on November 28, analyst Agim Sopi said that this is folklore.

According to him, Kurti and Prime Minister Edi Rama should have come together on the day when the Franco-German plan was prepared.

He added that despite the fact that Rama may not have affection for Kosovo, both countries have a lot in common with each other, but that, according to him, they have created different identities.

"We have created different identities, unfortunately. I have lived and studied in Albania. I know very deeply the Albanian world there. If the USA decides to unite Kosovo and Albania, after 6 months the civil war would start, as a result we would have the separation of the south from the part of Albania", he said.

He said the differences between Toska and Gega in Albania are very big.

Sopi said the biggest gap is Toska and Gega than Kosovo-Albania.