Osmani and Kurti meet with Peach, talk about dialogue and security in Kosovo

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The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani and the Prime Minister Albin Kurti in separate meetings have received the special envoy of the United Kingdom for the Western Balkans, Lord Stuart Peach

Through a press release, Osmani discussed with Peach the latest developments in the country and the region, security challenges in the region as well as the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

It is known that the meeting also discussed Kosovo's integration into international institutions, including the Council of Europe, as well as NATO membership.

Osmani emphasized that membership in the Council of Europe would be an important step for the further strengthening and advancement of human rights through the mechanisms offered by the Council, which will serve as an additional mechanism for the protection and guarantee of human rights. to all citizens of Kosovo without distinction.

Osmani also reiterated the importance of Kosovo's membership in NATO, starting with inclusion in the Partnership for Peace. In this spirit, President Osmani said that this step is necessary to ensure long-term peace and security in the region and beyond.

Meanwhile, Kurti and Peach talked about bilateral relations, recent developments and the security situation in the country, namely on the border with Serbia after the terrorist and paramilitary attack in Banjska two months ago.

From the press release of the Prime Minister's Office, it is known that the meeting also mentioned the deployment along the border of the anti-aircraft system of the Serbian army, the only one in Europe that operates with Chinese weapons and missile systems, such as the FK-3.

"There was also talk about the dialogue process mediated by the European Union, but also about the October 26 meeting with European leaders in Brussels, as an important effort towards the normalization of Kosovo-Serbia relations, but also as a missed opportunity to sign the agreement as a guarantee of full implementation", the announcement states.

Kurti thanked Peach for the cooperation with Great Britain in the field of defense and its active role in the field of security, especially through the KFOR mission.

He emphasized that the landing of a contingent of 200 British soldiers in Kosovo, as a response to the terrorist attack of September 24, is contributing to the security situation.

The Deputy Prime Minister, Besnik Bislimi, also met with Peach.

The two are reported to have discussed bilateral relations, current issues and the situation in the region.

"He informed the emissary Peach about the dialogue process as well as the active and constructive role of the Republic of Kosovo. Our country has continuously demonstrated its commitment and dedication not only in the normalization of relations and recognition with Serbia, but also in strengthening the ties between the states of the region, as a catalyst for peace and harmony, development and progress", the announcement states.