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Gjinovci: The USA does not love Kosovo, it has interests and we must play this game

Activist Rron Gjinovci has stated that the United States of America is interested in Kosovo and Serbia, and in this situation, according to him, Kosovo should take advantage and "play that game".

He said on Thursday at the KTV Confrontation that Kosovo and the USA cannot have eternal loyalty because, as he said, this is not possible in any country in the world.

"The USA has interests with Kosovo and Serbia. There is no eternal loyalty... The more you dream, the worse things will be. It is not America that loves Kosovo, it has interests from us and we must play that game", said Gjinovci.

He stated that the opposition is asking the Kurti Government to issue a peace agreement with Serbia, and this, according to him, is a wrong move.

"We criticize our Government for not letting more peace with Serbia. The opposition is still telling him why he is not letting go, this is absurd", emphasized Gjinovci.

According to him, the visit of President Vjosa Osmani to the USA will be an opportunity to inform the internationals about reaching the agreement, so that, as Gjinovci said, Serbia does not prevent Kosovo from joining international organizations.

Meanwhile, analyst Nexhmedin Spahiu said that Prime Minister Albin Kurti is not using the situation to create it to invest in the summer municipalities.

"Does the Ministry of Culture have a program for the fact that the police control the situation in the north... Has the Ministry of Infrastructure capitalized any road from Zvecan to Mitrovica. The government was committed to integrating the Serbian community into Kosovar society. It should not be left to the will of bravery, but it should be a uniform attitude of the government", he said.


Sopi: The EU is balkanizing, Kosovo should adjust its relations


Analyst Agim Sopi has stated that Kosovo should merge its relations with the European Union and adjust its relations, towards the European path.

According to Sopi, the European Union has not been ready to Europeanize the Balkans, and in this case, according to him, the EU is being Balkanized.

"Serbia has taken an obligation to dissolve the parallel structures that it has done... It was not ready to Europeanize the Balkans, and now the European Union is being Balkanized. Authoritarian regimes have increased from 51 to 82 percent, we are heading towards a totalitarian world, the world is getting darker", he declared.

According to Sopi, Kosovo should see the path towards the EU "and not worry about the recognition of Serbia".


Gjinovci: If the Association is formed, there is no guarantee that the situation will get better


Activist Rron Gjinovci has stated that if the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority is established, there is no guarantee that Kosovo will have a better situation.

He declared on Thursday that Kosovo has the right to insist on the state and the Republic, as according to him, this is the only way to preserve sovereignty.

"It is not a good relationship to obey those who attack you. No one has attacked Lajcak, no analyst has opposed Lajcak... The problem is that they say he is Slovak from Slovakia, and Borrelli from Spain. They are not decision-making people in the EU. We have the right to insist on having the state and decide for ourselves. The association endangers the state of Kosovo, and on the other hand there is no guarantee that the situation will get better", he added.


Spahiu: Kosovo should insist that the Association and recognition take place on the same day


It is not the end of the world that Prime Minister Albin Kurti has criticized the mediators in the dialogue, Josep Borrell and Miroslav Lajçak, political analyst Nexhmedin Spahiu said on Thursday in "Konfront". According to him, the September 14 proposal of the mediators in Brussels was incorrect. He said that the Kosovo side should insist that the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority and the recognition by Serbia take place on the same day.

The EU's proposal for Kosovo to form the Association of municipalities with a Serbian majority, and for Serbia to move step by step towards de-facto recognition, according to Spahi, is incorrect in terms of time.

"Serbia should make the recognition of Kosovo greater autonomy for the Serbs. Autonomy is manifested through Association and recognition through the opening of missions. Why the words recognition and embassy have been avoided is to make it easier for the Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić, so that he can pass more easily in front of ordinary people. If the two countries fulfill this plan, even if Vuçiqi says that we are getting to know you, there is no need for this letter. Because when it accepts the credentials of the ambassador from Kosovo, and Kosovo accepts the one from Serbia, the conversation of recognition was completed", he said, however he added that "there is no guarantee from the international community that this proposal can be realized".

According to him, Kosovo should insist that the Association and recognition take place on the same day, "so that neither party can betray the other party".

"Lajçak's proposal was incorrect. It was not at all parallel, as it was to fulfill the obligations of Kosovo first, and when it makes the Association, Serbia can slowly say that I do not have the conditions for dialogue and sleep for another 10 years and then we will put other conditions", he added.

This approach to dialogue, according to Spahi, shows the "naivety of previous politics".

"When that political scene accepted the Ahtisaari plan, and Serbia rejected it, and when it went with a unilateral declaration of independence, it should leave the points that do not suit Kosovo for later, but what about when we recognize Serbia, and we would have those elements in the market. Now it would be required to introduce the language as an official language or do the decentralization and now come on, we had said what you are doing. But we made it summer", said Spahiu.

He added that "the mediators should be met with the slogans 'no respect for Serbia'".


Pula: The political spectrum should unite to face Serbia


The expert on international relations, Shqiprim Pula, has stated that the Albanian factor should be unified in relation to Serbia, since according to him, Kosovo should not make mistakes in the dialogue.

He declared on Thursday at the KTV Confrontation that Kosovo is limping and has an internal polarization against Serbia, as according to him, the division is making Kosovo unstable.

"The whole spectrum should unite and face Serbia and others who want to cripple Kosovo, we want to build the republic we love, not the others. They (internationals) try to fulfill the tasks according to the mandate, and we develop life easily we can slip into mistakes. If we made mistakes in the past, we should not continue making those mistakes", he added.