Expats are asked to cooperate in preventing the use of weapons at parties

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"We are asking that we all together prevent festive shootings. I think they have no place in our parties, celebrations and weddings. And we hope that you, as expatriates, will help us to make each other aware", said the national coordinator for small and light weapons, as well as the deputy minister of internal affairs, Blerim Gashani, during the activity on Tuesday.

Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIB) have requested the cooperation of expatriates to prevent the use of weapons during family holidays, through the campaign "Celebrate with heart, not with guns", held on Tuesday at the border crossing in Merdar.

In the framework of this campaign, the national coordinator for small and light weapons, at the same time the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Blerim Gashani, has distributed information leaflets to expatriates about the consequences of the use of weapons.