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Rama confirms the cancellation of the meeting of governments

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, in an extraordinary press conference, has confirmed that the joint meeting of the governments of Kosovo and Albania scheduled to be held on Wednesday in Gjakovë has been cancelled.

Rama said that considering the tense circumstances, he had proposed a smaller meeting, but the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, did not accept the new format of the meeting.

"I have informed Kurt that taking into account the worsening conditions of Kosovo's relations with the entire Euro-Atlantic community, this meeting cannot be held in the anticipated format. And after I spoke with the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, I asked Kurti to meet tomorrow in Gjakova with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense to discuss this situation, to bring Kosovo closer to the Euro-Atlantic community, where relations theirs are at an unimaginable point, where the latter are considering sanctions against the state they created themselves. We didn't have an agreement with Kurt about changing the format, he asked for the meeting to be held normally, and to discuss this separately. But this is not possible, because it is not a moment to create a false picture of what actually happens in the reality of Kosovo today. Perhaps, it is not a final answer from Kurti. I hope that we can meet to confront the opinions, in the conditions when we are on the verge of the plan for sanctions against the state that created it themselves", said Rama.

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, has said that he is very afraid "that the plan, which is a very serious plan for Kosovo, will be set in motion", in the event that the Prime Minister of Kosovo does not release the plan.

"I am very afraid that the plan, which is a very serious plan for Kosovo, will be put into motion", said Rama.

Rama said that what is happening is not only a problem for Kosovo, but also for Albanians. While he reiterated that he has the same attitude as the international allies.

"To be very precise, it is not about the master of the problem because the problem is Kosovo's, but it is also the Albanians, the Albanian nation that risks appearing in a bad light in the eyes of those who did it this nation. The problem is not only the prime minister's, the problem is the citizens of Kosovo and all Albanians. Albania does not operate in isolation. And the relationship with Kosovo is a relationship of brotherhood, but Albania is a country that is an inseparable part of the Euro-Atlantic community, it is a member of NATO. We think 100 percent the same way our allies think", said the Prime Minister of Albania.

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, has said that Kosovo is making an absolutely wrong strategic move.

"I don't understand, and no one does, the strategic point here. What is the strategic interest of Kosovo in this process, where Kosovo is entering a dramatic collision course with the Euro-Atlantic community. So, the reason why I make all these efforts is Kosovo, it is not any other reason at all. It is Kosovo", said Rama.

Rama has said that he is terrified of the sanctions that may occur.

"It is not a matter of measures taken by this community against unfriendly countries, let's say, towards it. This community is being forced to deal with a state that it created itself. It means even if these measures are temporary, I hope they will not be put in place, but it seems that even this last effort is heading towards the same end as all the efforts made so far by all the others. Even if these measures are temporary, the destabilizing effect on relations between the Euro-Atlantic community of Kosovo will not be so temporary. Trust and support will not be the same as before. They will be much more economical step by step. Not simply towards Kurti and his government, but towards the governments that come after. This is how the history of relations with the great powers works", said Rama.


It is reported about the cancellation of the meeting of the two Albanian governments, the one of Kosovo knows nothing

The meeting between the governments of Kosovo and Albania, which was planned to be held on Wednesday in Gjakovë, has been cancelled, according to TopChannel. But, when contacted by KOHA, the Government of Kosovo said that there is no information about the cancellation of this event.

The Kosovo government a few minutes ago even sent the agenda for tomorrow's meeting of the two governments.

"The meeting has not been cancelled. Everything is ready in Gjakova. Prime Minister Kurti is now participating in tonight's concert there by the Shota Ensemble and musicians from Kosovo from Albania, which is also an overture for tomorrow's meeting. We are now hearing from you about the cancellation", says the Government's response. 

But, according to the media in Albania, it has been cancelled.

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, has announced a press conference for 19:30. It is not known if it is related to this decision. 

In this meeting, the meeting of the mayors of the border areas in both countries was planned, where it was expected to discuss that the challenges turn into opportunities and opportunities to benefit the citizens.

The Government of Kosovo and that of Albania for a long time have started the cycle of occasional meetings.