Image: The Swiss immigrant's bag with thousands of euros and documents is stolen

An immigrant from Switzerland was the target of a robbery on Monday evening, in a bar in the center of Ferizaj. The bag that he forgot on the cafe chair was taken by three other people. In the footage of the security cameras, it can be seen that the bag is taken by a girl, who was accompanied by two adults, after they got up from the table next to the one where the victim was standing.

The expatriate HK has sent the video to the editorial office of He said that in his bag he had about 1.000 euros, 500 Swiss francs, an "Apple" wristwatch, as well as personal documents. He stated that he definitely needs the documents, because he will travel to Switzerland next week.

He also announced that he has reported the case to the Police. According to him, the response of the Police was that he should wait for the investigations.

On the other hand, the Police in the daily report of June 22 said that they are investigating the case which they described as "Theft".

"Str. Martyrs of the Nation, Ferizaj, 21.6.2021-19:47. The Kosovar male complainant has reported that in a bar in the city, unknown persons stole a handbag in which there was a wallet with Swiss personal documents, an identity card issued by the Republic of Kosovo, cash and a wristwatch. The case is being investigated", says the Police report.

Meanwhile, in an answer to KOĖN, on Thursday, Basri Shabani, acting director of the Police in Ferizaj, said that investigations are continuing on the case.

"The investigations of the Ferizaj police station are investigating the case, they are well on their way to identifying the perpetrator of the bag theft. For additional information, we will inform you in time", said Shabani.