The EU for Banjska: We have not received the investigation report on the attack from Kosovo

The attack in Banjska

The European Union has once again justified the failure to take measures against Serbia for the attack in Banjska on September 24, with the fact that the Kosovar authorities have not yet received a report on the results of the investigations into those attacks.

This was said by Peter Stano, spokesperson of the EU for Foreign Policy and Security, answering questions about why there are measures against Kosovo by the EU, and not against Serbia, not even after the attacks in Banjska.

Stano has said that the EU is awaiting the results of the investigation into this incident, to see what position to take. And the investigation report, according to him, should be made by the relevant authorities of Kosovo since the event took place in the territory of Kosovo.

"Immediately after the attack, in the days, weeks and months that followed, we made our position clear about what we expect from both Kosovo and Serbia when it comes to possible participation and support for this terrible attack. I am not talking here about Serbia as a country, but about the Serbian side. All of this would have to be part of the investigation, the findings of which will hopefully be included in the final investigation report, which has not yet been completed, or at least not shared with us as of yet. phase", said Stano.

The European Union has repeated several times that it has not received a report from Kosovo on the investigations carried out. A  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora had sent a report to the EU, but this was not considered a report of the relevant professional authorities, as it came from a political body.

The EU has requested several times that those responsible for the September 24 attack where Sergeant Afrim Bunjaku was killed be brought to justice, but this has not happened in Serbia, where the perpetrators of the attack are believed to be.

This European institution has also justified the lack of measures against Serbia with Kosovo's concessions to compile and submit the investigative report of what happened in Banjska i Zveçani.

The High Representative of the EU for Foreign Policy and Security, Josep Borrell, had called the attack in Banjska "terrorist".